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The Evolutionary Arc of China’s Private School Law

Whenever an impactful revised law is issued in China, our lawyers see two things happen: panic by those now caught operating illegally, or dismissal by those motivated to make all things China seem rosy. Recently, there has been much concern and buzz around the latest revision to China’s laws on the Implementation of the Private

Chinese Company Culture

Thirteen Reasons Why Chinese Companies So Often Fail Outside China

Way back in 2010, I wrote Ten Reasons Chinese Companies Fail In The U.S. for Forbes Magazine. Then in 2015, I did a blog post on the same topic, entitled Top Ten Reasons Chinese Companies Fail in America My top ten list in that article was as follows: 1. Chinese companies focus on a Chinese

how to form a foreign company

Do I Always Need to Form a Company in a Foreign Country?

In yesterday’s post (How To Succeed When Taking Your Company Overseas) I briefly mentioned one of the most common problems companies face when going international: having a foreign entity when you do not really need one (and relatedly, having the wrong type of foreign entity, which I will discuss in a future post). This mistake

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How To Succeed When Taking Your Company Overseas

We international lawyers often get calls and emails from companies looking to set up a subsidiary or other company overseas. This is one of the most exciting but also daunting prospects for a company more accustomed to domestic laws, regulations, financiers, and business partners. In this post, we will briefly look at the key things

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How Not to Be in China

Chovanec nails it and his tweet instantly reminded me of something I read in a recent email from a China consultant I have known for years. His new email address was for a strange sounding company so I followed the URL from that address and discovered this China consultant now has two companies. One focuses