January 17 Webinar on The Outlook on US-India Collaboration

Join us on January 17 at 10:30 Eastern Time Click Here to Attend (no registration required) India is one of the most mentioned countries as a “China replacement.” And though we do not believe any one country will replace China, we are increasingly seeing companies moving their manufacturing and other businesses from China to Mexico.

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Harris Bricken Sponsors MITA Annual Meeting: Madison Wisconsin on December 15

Harris Bricken is proud to be the key program sponsor for the December 15, 2022, event hosted by the Madison (Wisconsin) International Trade Association (“MITA”), titled, “Major Markets: Trade Updates with Europe and BRIC Nations.” The event will feature leading international economist, Byron Shoulton, who will speak on economic, trade, and political risks, including their

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China’s Relations With the West: Straight Line Decline

There are those who believe China's ongoing Party Congress will bode well for companies that do business in or with China. I am firmly convinced that the opposite is true and that it will used as yet another opportunity by China to show that it will not be cowered by the declining relations and sanctions/counter-sanctions between the United States / EU / Australia / Japan on the one hand, and China on the other. I see China using this Congress to let the world (domestic and external) know that it fully intends to fight back and fight back hard. In other words, this Party Congress will lead to China's decoupling from much of the world accelerating, not slowing down. 

Alternatives to the China Market: India, Mexico and Brazil: Jonathan Bench in Tulsa

Next week, Harris Bricken attorney Jonathan Bench will be the keynote speaker at Oklahoma’s World Trade Conference. While the CCP’s leaders will be convening the all-important 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, Jonathan will share his legal expertise and the latest developments surrounding doing business in and with China and, more specifically, alternative

President Xi and Putin

President Xi Will Hold Onto Power, BUT . . .

At least once a day, someone — usually a client — asks me if President Xi will hold onto power. And every day, I give  a much shorter version of the following half-serious, half-facetious answer: He will hold onto power, but for how long I don’t know. It’s like the stock market. I can right

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President Biden’s Asia Trip and the China Challenge Summit June 9

Recently I was interviewed by Boyd Matheson from KSL Radio on his Inside Sources podcast. We talked about President Biden’s trip to Asia and what he hoped to accomplish there, including the types of signals President Biden would likely convey to his counterparts in South Korea and Japan, and the upcoming China Challenge Summit at