Solar panel on a red roof

Solar Panels from China: The Next Forced Labor Battleground

In January 2020, we warned American companies about potential problems stemming from forced labor in China: Forced labor is a reality in China. And if you source from China, you need to keep close tabs on your supply chain to avoid forced labor becoming a part of it. In addition to the ethical and reputational

China Law and Business

The “How Comes” of China Law Blog

I constantly get emails asking me (often in an accusatory or conspiratorial tone) why the China Law Blog didn’t write about such and such. As tensions with China increase, the number of these emails have also increased and I am going to respond to a random bunch of them here so I can simply link

China ciitzenship

What Señorita Yanyi Tells Us About China

Señorita Yanyi is a popular vlogger who describes herself as a “China Boricua,” that is, a Puerto Rican Chinese. Born in China, her family moved to Puerto Rico when she was a baby. At some point later on she moved to New York. I highly suggest you check out her videos, in which she effortlessly

Doing Business with China

Doing Business in or with China: Kickin’ it Old School

Got an email the other day from a reader who wanted to let us know how much a blog post we did way back in 2006 had helped his company. The post this emailer was extolling was James McGregor’s China Tips and he wanted to know whether I thought all of McGregor’s advice was still

China risks and rewards

Doing Business with China During the Biden Administration

Even though tensions in the U.S.-China relationship have grown steadily over the past four years, the China market is still attractive for American companies because of its large and growing middle class and its massive and efficient manufacturing environment. Plenty of American companies cannot afford to relocate some or all of their supply chain from

China lawyer scams

China Contract Drafting Scams: From Bad to Much Worse

Last week, in So You Think You Have a China WFOE or Joint Venture or Trademark: Do You Though?, I wrote about foreign companies that had been duped into believing that their IP or their Chinese legal entity (typically either a WFOE or a Joint Venture (JV)) had been registered in China when, in fact,

Transfer Pricing China

China Transfer Pricing Laws: Because They Matter

If you had told me ten years ago that I would one day be writing on transfer pricing, I would never have believed it. Heck, if you had told me ten years ago that I would one day be writing on transfer pricing, I might have considered going into a different field. Even three years

China's Dual Circulation Economic Policy

China’s Dual Circulation Policy and the U.S. Response

As the PRC plans for the next decade of Xi Jinping rule, economic planning is at the forefront. Xi Jinping’s core policy for that decade is his new concept of dual circulation 双循环. The concept is that for economic development China must rely both on domestic economic development and on China’s participation in the international