Forming a China WFOE

How to Form a China Representative Office

Deciding between a China WFOE and a China Rep Office is not kids play[/caption] For every roughly 100 China WFOEs and Joint Ventures (combined) the China business lawyers at my law firm help set up in China, we do one Representative Office. Why so few Rep Offices, when it is generally agreed they are the

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China WFOE or JV?

Just got the below comment (# 63 on our post, China: First Let’s Clear Out The Long Time Foreigners) posing important questions and leaving hanging some common misconceptions about doing business in China: So here’s my question albeit already bounced around but no solid answer given…. JV or WFOE for a new foreign company launching

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China Company Law: The 101

On January 1, 2006, China implemented its New Company Law. At around that same time, China Law Blog’s own Steve Dickinson wrote a scholarly article on the new law for the Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal, entitled, Introduction to the New Company Law of the People’s Republic of China . At around the same

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Setting up a China WFOE Branch Office.

What is required to set up a branch office of your existing China WFOE in another city in China? In other words, you already have your WFOE in place in, let’s say, Shanghai, and you decide you want to open another office in Qingdao. Or it could be the reverse. What do you do and

China employment contracts and rules and regulations

China Employment Laws: The Cultural Disconnect Goes Both Ways

Last week, I attended a lecture on China labor law by our own Steve Dickinson. The thrust of Steve’s speech was that China’s employment laws have changed, they are being enforced against foreigners, and they are very different from U.S. employment laws. In a nutshell, the biggest differences are that written contracts with all employees

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The Legal Basics on Starting a China Business

One of the many things I love about being an international lawyer is the opportunity to learn about so many different countries and industries. What so often happens to lawyers is that we get one client in a particular industry, and then, through word of mouth, we end up getting a whole slew of others