Top Ten Ted Talks on China

Just was emailed a link to Top Ten Ted Talks on China, [link no longer exists] and though I myself have watched only a few of them, I am recommending them all based on the overall good quality of Ted Talks.

Here are the ten, along with their summaries:

1. Hans Rosling: Let my Dataset Change Your Mindset. The widely held view that Western countries have small families and long life spans, while developing countries like China have large families and short lifespans has not been true for about 50 years.  Rosling “busts” these myths with data. He also shows that the idea that economic progress leads to social and health development is wrong too, by showing how China applied education, vaccines, and family planning to create economic development, not the other way around.

2. Martin Jacques: Understanding the Rise of China.  Martin Jacques explains how the Western world can make sense of China’s increasing prominence in the world. For more on this talk, check out Martin Jacques On Understanding The Rise Of China.

3. Hans Rosling: Asia’s Rise — How and When. Rosling uses data to predict when and how China will be surpassing the United States.

4. Yang Lan: The Generation That’s Remaking China.  Yang Lan explains how China’s highly connected and urban  young people are changing the country.

5. Yansheng Huang: Does Democracy Stifle Economic Growth?  Yansheng Huang examines the role of  China’s government in its economic success.

6. Sylvia Ku: The Amazing Stories of Chinese-Indians.  Sylvia Ku talks about ethnic Chinese who live and work in India.

7. Carol Chyau: Social Enterprise in China.  Carol Chyau “explores why rich countries are rich and poor countries stay poor, as well as what the original socialist market economy meant to be.”

8. Neville Mars: Taming the Beast That is Beijing.  Mars postulates that China’s urbanization is “spiraling out of control, especially in cities like Beijing” and of how to “tame this beast.”

9. Peggy Liu: China as the Cleantech Laboratory of the World.  Liu contends that China is ready and willing to be a clean tech innovator.

10. Why is Hong Kong’s Cultural Desert a Good Thing? Stephen Chung Chun Kit, Josie Cheng Ho Yi  discuss “secret” Hong Kong and “Why Hong Kong’s cultural desert might be a good thing.”

Watch and enjoy and let us know what you think.

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