The Protests, the Olympics, and the "Yellow Peril"

There is so much great stuff out there on the Olympics, I could devote the next few months to nothing but that on here.

Though I have studiously sought to avoid covering these issues too often, I could not resist saying something about this Shanghai Scrap post, entitled, The Protests, the Olympics, and Race. It is damn good and it is hugely thought provoking.

So what do you think? The comment lines are open, but please confine your comments to the issues raised in the article itself.

I will start off by saying I am troubled by how quickly people are willing to write off 1. 3 billion people as “brainwashed” and I think that is ignorance at best, racism at worst.

I will be getting on a long airplane flight shortly so please be patient in waiting for your comments to appear.

UPDATE: Just came across another “damn good” and “thought provoking” piece along these same lines. This one is by Brendan O’Neill on his personal blog and it is entitled, Invasion of the robotic thugs, with this explanatory byline: “The attacks on the ‘horrible, ominous, retarded’ Chinese men guarding the Olympic flame are historical prejudice repeated as farce.”