The Best Law Blogs (With A China Bias)

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Just got hit with the internet equivalent of a chain letter, called a meme. It came from Dan Hull of the What About Clients law blog, without any threats or promises, just a list of the ten best law blogs, with instructions to pass it on.

I have been a long time fan of both Hull (who has created a terrific LA based boutique firm with a national presence) and of his blog. The blog describes itself as “news and ideas on clients, customers, business and law around the globe.” I describe it as the best writing out there on law firm client service and on why boutique firms are the way to go 90% of the time. I quote from a very recent What About Clients post, entitled, Do BigClients need BigLaw more than 10% of the time?:

The point is this: 90% of the important corporate legal work being done right now by firms between 150 and 3000 lawyers can be done by boutiques and smaller firms.

If it has the right people, your firm can land Fortune 500 companies and keep them. And don’t forget to maintain or raise your rates. Competing on price for higher-end work is for chumps and will only hurt you in both marketing and client retention. Remember, in this “model”, your lawyers and services/products are first-rate, and your client service is superior. So find out what the “BigLaw” rate is–and match or exceed it.

I just gotta love a guy who tells me to charge more. Such people rank right under those who actually do pay more.

We have now been tagged so here goes.

My problem is that I am much more focused on China than on the law and so my list is really much more of my ten favorite law related blogs than it is an attempt at naming the top ten law blogs. And even within the China space, I am biased towards blogs that help foreign companies do business in China better.


1. China Hearsay. Written by China lawyer Stan Abrams. This blog focuses on China, China law, law, China trade, China lawyers, doing business in China, and on whatever else strikes Stan’s fancy that day. Always a good read.

2. China Business Law Blog. Written by third year law student Brad Luo. Brad does a great job at finding important Chinese cases, analyzing them, and telling us of their significance.

3. Transnational Law Blog. Written by four third year law students at UC-Hastings College of Law, with Wendy Jackson and Travis Hodgkins doing the overwhelming bulk of the writing. Travis summer clerked with us in Shanghai this past summer and will almost certainly be joining us upon graduation. Travis speaks Mandarin and the bulk of his writings focus on China, though the blog describes itself as covering law that “transcends national frontiers.”

4. IP Dragon, which does an absolutely great job on China IP.

5. Above the Law. I love this blog/lawyers site and take perverse pleasure in reading about the comings and goings, scandals and problems and profligacy of big law here. Where else can I go to find out who the hottest law librarians are? In fact, where else am I going to go to learn there is such a thing as a hot law librarian?

6. Chinese Law Prof Blog. Written by Georgetown law professor, Donald Clarke. This was the first China law blog and though the time between posts can be ponderously long, I am constantly impressed by Professor Clarke’s ability to dig up relevant China legal information.

7. Adams Drafting Blog. I like this blog for the exact opposite reasons I like Above the Law. This blog is written by Ken Adams, who rightfully describes himself as “a leading authority on modern and effective contract drafting.” I have learned a ton from this site.

8. What About Clients? See above.

9. The WSJ Law Blog. Written by Peter Latman. Relevant. Funny. Amazingly prolific. Connected. Who could ask for anything more?

10. Korea Law Blog. This blog is written by Brendan Carr, an American lawyer in Seoul, whom I have known for years. The blog is relatively new but it has already had some great posts I have cited here.

My humble apologies to my friend Kevin O’Keefe for unjustifiably leaving him off this list. I just plum forgot! I am a regular reader of Kevin’s blog, but the guy is such a good businessperson/marketer/blogger, I forgot he is a lawyer and that his blog is law related. Anyway, Kevin, who lives just across the water from me on Bainbridge Island, runs Real Lawyers Have Blog, which is by far the preeminent blog on legal blogging.

On June 8, 2020, I removed the links for the blogs that are no longer active.

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