Son of Chinese Government Official Mows Down Innocent Student

I hate Alibaba

I love 99.9% of our readers and loathe the other one percent. That other one percent consists pretty much of two people whose comments I get just about every day and whose comments I always delete.

One of these people constantly complains about our lack of India coverage and attributes this to my disliking Indians. This guy (I assume it is a guy) for some reason cannot seem to understand that this is a blog about China law, not about India. Dude, if you want more on India, I suggest you start your own blog on just India.

The other person is always leaving comments completely irrelevant to the post, attacking us for ignoring the horrible things Chinese people do every day. This person believes that whenever someone in China does something horrible (like shoot kindergartners) I should use that as an opportunity to write about the decline of Chinese society caused by an economy that subjugates them (his language, not mine) and that my failure to write on these things means I am complicit with and beholden to the Chinese government  I once wrote a calm and somewhat rational email to the email address this person uses on his (again, I assume it is a male) comments, but — no surprise — his email address turned out to be fake. I just got a comment from him today, pointing out my cowardice for having failed to report about on how the son of some Chinese government apparatchik somewhere had mowed down a college student with his car.

I do not write about such things because though I find them incredibly interesting from a psychological perspective (I was for many years addicted to true crime books), I do not think they provide any insight into China and I do not myself have any real insight to provide on such incidents either. China has 1.3 billion people and that means that it will produce a number of horrible people who do horrible things. I just figure that all of our readers fully understand that and do not need some lawyer telling them that.

I don’t know what else to say…..

12 responses to “Son of Chinese Government Official Mows Down Innocent Student”

  1. Thanks so much for your blog! I’m an individual who knows next to nothing about law but a bit about China. I love the fact that from your posts I am always learning something about both. Don’t change a thing! With as vast a population as the internet hosts, it is certain to produce a number of horrible people who comment horrible things. 😉

  2. Many Chinese people do horrible things, but I would argue it’s not due to the economy. Despite its corruption and its abuses of human rights, the post-Mao Chinese government has lifted an unprecedented number of people out of poverty. While India has avoided disasters like Mao’s Great Leap, it hasn’t improved the lot of its poor as well as China has. Maybe India will do better than China in the future; not yet, though.

  3. Indians want more attention? That’s new.
    Shann: i hope you are kidding, your maths is even worse.
    Dan: it should read “That other 0.1% consists pretty much of two people ” instead of “.01%”.

  4. You spend too much time humoring critics and troublemakers. Your blog is a gem. Just ignore the more idiotic of your commenters.

  5. @ Jerome,
    I really appreciate your comment. It means a lot to me.
    Truth be told though, I don’t spend any time humoring the critics and troublemakers who are such just to be assholes and I truly appreciate the critics who are being critical because they disagree with me and want to engage. The assholes I delete, the idiots I ignore. It’s all good.

  6. Ok, while I’m sympathetic to your minor plight (ok, maybe not, haha), I don’t see the reason behind this blog entry.
    Surely, you understand that there are billions of people who use the internet, that some will undoubtedly come across a popular site such as your own. And like all large populations, there are a few specimens that are at either end of the bell curve.
    So two of them from the undesirable side of the curve emailed you and expressed their opinion, it is as natural as the ocean breeze.
    But really, I just wanted to comment on your 100.9% readership math. Making fun of a lawyer’s math mistakes make’s an engineer just all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

  7. I like what you write about and I have no interest in India or in reading this blog for gossip on Chinese government officials. I read China Smack for that.

  8. Suprisingly, you’ve got a Mao admirer here who wants to restore the planning economy in no time. Since Mao abolished all the legal practices in China during his Cultural Revolution, no wonder he hates your blog.

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