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Putinism, Singapore China and the Impact of it All.

China and Russia and Singapore

Very interesting post on the Thomas P.M. Barnett Blog, entitled,Who’s afraid of Vladimir Putin? [link no longer exists] The post is on a very well reasoned article entitled, The Myth of the Authoritarian Model: How Putin’s Crackdown Holds Russia Back, the thesis of which is that Russia’s economy would actually be doing even better without Putin and Putinism.

Barnett’s thesis is the following:

Putinism, if successful, is a phase–at best a recovery model, not a long-term economic model. The key will be: Will Putin accept the inevitable waning of his personal power (already begun by naming his successor)?

I think he’ll have no choice and in a dozen years we’ll be venerating him like Lee Kuan Yew, but hardly pretending like he found some new model that threatens the legitimacy of liberal democracies. Ditto with the Chinese.

Why must we constantly get so wobbly all the time over any success that does not mirror our current state? Especially when our own journey to this mature point wasn’t pretty and featured all sorts of bad stuff that we condemn others for today?

As always, a little more belief in ourselves would be nice.

If all Putinism aspires to is raw materials authoritarianism, then that’s all it will achieve. That doesn’t scare me and it shouldn’t scare you.

The A game model in globalization is a market economy plus liberal democracy. If you want risk-taking and innovation and competitive drive, then you have to accommodate it in all its demands. Authoritarianism, well-funded, can buy you the team, but it can’t make it win over the long haul. Success simply makes people too uppity and demanding.

Nothing terribly new here, but very well expressed, and obviously relevant for China as well.

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  1. A lot of opinions, not enough facts. When facts occasionally are presented, they tend to be twisted or obfuscated. For instance, the male life expectancy of Russia in 1986 (USSR), 1996 & 2006 were 65, 58, 60.5 respectively. How exactly is Russia getting less healthy under Putin? At one point the male life expectancy dropped more than 8 years in the 90s!

  2. Tom around the web
    Ok, since I have about 1000 search results to deal with, I’m going to break this up. This post will be some recent links to Tom that do not address the Esquire article on Admiral Fallon. The next ‘Tom around…

  3. Putin knows how to speak power to power. When Sakashvili bombarded the civilian population of Tskhinvali slaughtering 2000 civilians (most probably with a nod from at least one part of Washington) Putin ordered in Russian tanks (under a U.N. mandate incidentally). Then the BBC, CNN, Fox and etc. put on their usual talking heads and started screaming ethnic cleansing and Czechoslovakia and Hungary. Then Condoleeza got mad. Then the EU got mad. Then Nato got mad (but was divided); And Putin told every last one of them to go to hell. So he must be doing SOMETHING right.

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