Protecting Your IP in Southeast Asia: FREE Webinar

intellectual property rights in Southeast Asia:

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Join Harris Bricken international attorney, Fred Rocafort as he and a panel of intellectual property (IP) and international trade experts discuss ways to protect and enforce your IP rights in Southeast Asia.

This webinar will be of special interest to U.S. companies exporting to or sourcing their products from, the ten countries that are members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the ASEAN Economic Community.

We realize this does not directly relate to China, but we are running it on here anyway for the following three reasons:

  1. Many companies are looking to move their manufacturing from China to Southeast Asia when a let-up in COVID will allow them to do so. This webinar will teach you about the IP aspects of that.
  2. Many companies that do business in China do business in Southeast Asia as well.
  3. Many of our readers are in Southeast Asia or doing business with Southeast Asia and they read our blog because so many of the general principles that apply to China apply to Southeast Asia as well.

So if any of the above three reasons apply to you, or you have an interest in Southeast Asia for any other reason, please do attend.

Register today for this FREE webinar taking place on Thursday, March 4th from 4pm-5:45pm PST.

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