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Playing by the Rules on China Business

China WFOE formation

Esteemed Chinese legal scholar, Stanley Lubman wrote an excellent piece for the Wall Street Journal entitled, Stanley Lubman: Business in China: What Does ‘Playing by the Rules’ Mean? setting out the dilemma faced by foreign businesses operating in China: Can they “do business in China without violating the law?”

I recommend you read the whole article, but if you choose not to, at least read the conclusion below:

In an era when the Chinese market is increasingly important to many global businesses, some over-eager participants may be tempted to bend the rules for fear of being “left out” or missing a good opportunity. They should resist the temptation and [note]. . . . that many foreign companies “have policies of zero tolerance for corruption in China, and still do good business because their products are the best and in demand.”

I agree.

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