Sinosure is broken

Sinosure and Deliberately Bringing China Down, Factory by Factory

About six months ago, in Deliberately Bringing China Down, Factory by Factory, I wrote about a couple of Americans who were buying product on credit from Chinese factories, with no intention of ever making the required second payment: The “this” to which I am referring is an underground (I say underground because I have never

International Trade Conference

2022 International Trade and Business Development Conference

Join several hundred business owners and leaders, government officials, entrepreneurs, and experts in the field of technology, convenience, and sustainability to help you grow your business and expand to other markets. Participants are coming from throughout the United States, Canada, Philippines, Mexico, and possibly other countries. The conference will focus on international trade and investments,

The WTO and China

The WTO: Fair or Foul?

During the summer of 2020, the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization (WTO) handed down its final ruling. Before former US President Donald Trump blocked appointments to the Appellate Body—which effectively disbanded it—the Appellate Body served as the final round of arbitrators that would give the ultimate verdict on international trade disputes between countries.

US Chinarelationsbadforbusiness

Nancy Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan is Really Bad for Your China Business

today I am turning that alarm to an eleven out of ten because of the kerfuffle surrounding Nancy Pelosi's expected visit to Taiwan. I do not know for certain whether Speaker Pelosi will go to Taiwan or not, but I am thinking that she will. Most importantly, I have no clue what China's reaction to her visit will be. But I am certain that this trip will substantially worsen relations between China and the West and that those relations will either stay at that lower level or, more likely, continue to get worse.

Deceptive China trademarks

Deceptive Trademarks in China

To avoid issues, brands registering their trademarks in China should consider whether their marks may in any way be considered deceptive.

China employee terminations done right

China Employee Terminations: Avoid These Mistakes

If you are a China employer, you must have a written employment contract with all your employees. Once you hire an employee in China it is generally difficult to terminate that employee during his or her contract term. It is also difficult to terminate your employees correctly in China, and there is usually a big price to pay for doing it wrong.