Episode 67 – Enrique Martinez (Crypto and Blockchain)

Global Law and Business Podcast – Enrique Martinez (Crypto and Blockchain)

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China trademark registration

China Trademarks: When (and How) to Prove Use of a Mark in Commerce

Unlike the United States, you do not need to prove “use” for a China trademark application to proceed to registration, and once a trademark is registered you do not have to prove you are still using trademark to be able to maintain or renew the registration for that trademark. Foreign companies have come to realize

China Trade Dress Law

China Trade Dress and Unfair Competition Law

Close your eyes, and imagine that when you open them you have been magically transported to another country and you are inside a McDonald’s. How do you know you’re in a McDonald’s? Surely you would know without having to see the name McDonald’s or the famous Golden Arches logo. Would you even know that you

China manufacturing moving to Mexico

“Mexico is the New China” and Manufacturers are Moving There

The above is a direct quote from a client for whom my law firm is now in the process of helping his company move its production from China to Mexico. He said this about China and Mexico, right after setting saying that he “is done with China” because his company is unable to sell a

China Trademark theft

Trademark Squatting: A Dying “Trade”?

I attended an excellent IPWatchdog webinar this past week on trademark squatting, presented by Ai-Leen Lim of AWA Asia. You should watch the whole thing, but here are some thoughts and takeaways. Trademark squatting is one of the biggest problems when it comes to intellectual property rights (IPR) protection in China. Basically, squatting occurs when