Episode 84 – Weston Konishi (American Sake)

Global Law and Business Podcast – Weston Konishi (American Sake)

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foreign company due diligence

Due Diligence on Foreign Transactions

Due diligence is an investigation of a business or person prior to entering a contract. It often involves a comprehensive appraisal to establish assets and liabilities or to evaluate commercial potential. Though due diligence is important anywhere, it is doubly important when dealing with companies in countries where things are often not what they seem and where the legal system is less than ideal.

Mold protection when manufacturing overseas

Mold Protection When Manufacturing Overseas: The Long Version

With so many companies moving their manufacturing from China, mold protection when manufacturing overseas has become a critically important issue, largely for two reasons. First, we are seeing many companies losing their molds and/or their tooling in their exodus from China. These are the companies that failed to protect their molds/tooling when they first went into China. On the flip side, with so many companies establishing new manufacturing relationships outside China, it becomes critical they understand the need and the methods for protecting their molds/tooling. Product buyers and product designers need to know how to protect their molds and their mold designs. The simplest way is via enforceable written contracts that provide protection. At the most basic level, however, the key is to be able to recognize when a factory is intending to hold your molds “hostage” and to do a cost-benefit analysis of whether it makes sense to proceed or walk away.

Antidumping and countervailing duties international trade lawyers

Opportunity to Request DOC AD/CVD Administrative Reviews – Dec. 2021

There is now an opportunity to request DOC AD/CVD Administrative Reviews for products with AD/CVD orders with a December anniversary month. We have posted about many antidumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) petitions that trigger investigations conducted by the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) and U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) on imports of certain products. Most of these cases result in AD/CVD orders being issued after the DOC and the ITC complete their investigations and make final determinations on whether a domestic industry is injured by subject imports (ITC) and to what extent those imports are dumped or subsidized (DOC).

China as one giant casino

China as One Giant Casino

Go ahead and describe China as one giant casino. And go ahead and call its legal system rigged. All this is fair. But do not let any of this be be an excuse for you not doing whatever you can to increase your own company's odds when doing business with China. Because if you do not do what it takes to protect yourself, I can guarantee you will have bad results.

How to control your China operations

How to Maintain Control of Your China Operations: WFOE or JV or Something Else?

How to control your China operations while avoiding China government control is critical and companies looking to do business in China need to decide what the China market means to them and what they are willing to risk. Companies looking to do business in China should decide what the China market means to them and what they are willing to risk. There is no way to entirely avoid China regulatory risk, but depending on your product or service and your company’s and owner’s risk appetites, there is always a way forward. The question of how to control your China operations is just one of many questions to ask.

China Sinosure

China Sinosure as Existential Threat

China Sinosure can be an existential threat for businesses in its crosshairs. In this post, we explain what Sinosure is, what causes Sinosure to put a foreign company in its crosshairs, what you need to know about the Sinosure tactics to get paid, and, most importantly, how to fight back and win against Sinosure.

China reputation risks

Doing Business with China: Peng Shuai and Your Reputation Risks

Doing business with China just got another level of riskier. That's because these days, what The CCP Does In China Does NOT Stay in China. Ten years ago, our China lawyers would explain to our clients how what they did in China might redound to their detriment outside China. Three years ago, our China lawyers would explain to our clients how what the CCP is doing in China might redound to our client's detriment outside China. And now, our clients are explaining to us how what the CCP is doing in China might redound to our client's detriment outside China.

Global Law and Business

Global Law and Business Podcast – Sital Kalantry (India’s Judiciary and Supreme Court)

In Episode #83, we are joined by Sital Kalantry, Professor of Law at Seattle University, author, and attorney. We discuss: The hierarchy of India's court system, from state courts to high courts to the Indian Supreme Court with 34 sitting judges The recent appointment of three female judges to the Indian Supreme Court (but a significant disparity remains) India's first female chief justice Indian litigation vs. arbitration

Moving Your Manufacturing to Mexico

Moving Your Manufacturing From China to Mexico: FREE February 8, 2022 Webinar

Join Harris Bricken attorneys Dan Harris and Adrián Cisneros Aguilar on Tuesday, February 8th at 2pm CST/12pm PST for a FREE webinar on Moving Your Manufacturing from China to Mexico. This webinar will focus on the practical aspects of moving some or all of your manufacturing out of China, and how to enter the Mexican market and how to operate successfully there. Dan Harris heads up our China manufacturing practice and Adrian Aguilar heads up our Mexico manufacturing practice.