Miami for Asia Business

Miami is increasingly becoming an important hub for Asia business. The city’s enduring status as the “capital of Latin America” is perhaps the main driver of this trend, but ties to other parts of the world also play an important role, as does Miami’s (and all of Florida’s) own attractiveness as a business destination. The

China Supply Chain Nightmare

The China Supply Chain Nightmare: It Is Time to Panic

Fortune Magazine just came out with an article entitled: "Companies are beginning to panic: Experts say China’s lockdowns will make inflation and the supply chain nightmare even worse." To which my immediate thought was, "beginning"? Smart companies were panicking months ago; today is just the realization of so much of that panic. And do NOT say we did not warn you of all this. But before I turn to proving how our supply chain predictions have become reality, I will extensively summarize and quote from this Fortune article to get you up to speed with the disaster that is today's China supply chain. 

Global Law and Business Podcast – Jack Hedge (Shipping and Ports)

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China rmployment law COVID lockdowns

How to Handle Your China Workforce During COVID-2

Many foreign companies with employees in China are looking to reduce their China workforce for obvious reasons. This is especially true in those cities where companies have employees that cannot work because of Chinese government mandated lockdowns and company shutdowns. But now is a not a good time for downsizing your China employee workforce, unless your plan is to leave China and never ever return.