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WHEN to Apply for a China Trademark

Our International IP lawyers are always preaching how foreign companies must register their trademarks in China if they are going to be doing business in or producing product in China (see, for example, China Trademarks — Do You Feel Lucky? Do You?). And in most cases, companies should register their trademarks in China now. Right

China trademark use requirements

China Trademarks: Use It or Lose It

A trademark registrant in China is not required to use the trademark, but that could soon change. If a draft revision of China’s Trademark Law is adopted, registrants may be required to certify their use of their trademark every five years after registration. We have covered other aspects of the proposed law in Draft Revision

China Lies and spies

China Spying: It’s Everywhere

You have almost certainly heard by now that there is a massive Chinese spy balloon currently hovering over U.S. airspace in violation of international and U.S. law. Or if you actually believe the CCP, it is merely a weather balloon that went very far off course. 1. China’s Spy Balloon Will Worsen China’s Relations with

China Trademark Protection

Bad Faith TM Applicants, Bad News

The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) has published a draft revision of the country’s Trademark Law and called for comments from the public. In our first post on the potential implications of the revised law for international brands, we looked at proposed changes to the definition of what constitutes a trademark and the absolute

International Cease and Desist Letter

Cease and Desist Letters to Protect Your IP: Just the Facts and Law

My law firm often gets calls from companies alleging “a company is selling their product under their trade name on Amazon” and asking us to send a cease and desist letter “right away” to get that company to stop violating their IP. Our typical response is to say it is seldom a good idea to

China Trademark Law

Draft Revision to China’s Trademark Law

The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) has published a draft revision to China’s Trademark Law and called for comments from the public. In this post and others that will follow, we will look at the most significant proposed revisions and consider how they might impact foreign businesses. Today we begin by looking at some

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China Trademark Registration Q&A

As regular followers of this blog well know, we quite often stress the importance of registering trademarks in China, and the need to do so promptly. See for example China Trademarks: More Useful and More Necessary Than Ever. Today, I want to address some of the questions our China trademark attorneys fairly regularly get about

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Green Trademarks in China are Getting Red Lights

Green trademarks are running into red lights in China. Just about every application to register a mark that includes the word “green” is being rejected. Rumor has it that concerns over greenwashing are to blame, though given the opaque nature of the application process this cannot be confirmed. Greenwashing is the “practice of making unwarranted

Global Trademark Protection Under the Madrid Protocol

Does U.S. Trademark Law Apply Worldwide?

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear a trademark infringement case arising under the Lanham Act that has huge implications for manufacturers and sellers of products based outside the U.S. The case is Hetronic International, Inc. v. Hetronic Germany GMBH, et al. The case arises from a $114 million judgment for an industrial

Crypto regulation

Crypto Trademarks and China

Crypto trademarks are a no-go in China. In line with the country’s prohibitions on cryptocurrencies, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) will not register trademarks that describe crypto goods and/or services. Brands in the crypto space must be mindful of this reality when crafting brand and intellectual property rights protection strategies for China. China