China ciitzenship

What Señorita Yanyi Tells Us About China

Señorita Yanyi is a popular vlogger who describes herself as a “China Boricua,” that is, a Puerto Rican Chinese. Born in China, her family moved to Puerto Rico when she was a baby. At some point later on she moved to New York. I highly suggest you check out her videos, in which she effortlessly

Doing Business with China

Doing Business in or with China: Kickin’ it Old School

Got an email the other day from a reader who wanted to let us know how much a blog post we did way back in 2006 had helped his company. The post this emailer was extolling was James McGregor’s China Tips and he wanted to know whether I thought all of McGregor’s advice was still

How to Protect Your IP from China

Giving Your IP to China Out of Love

One of our China IP lawyers tends towards sarcasm, and in cleaning out my email stack I found this email: Another company that loves China so much that they have already given all their IP to a Chinese company with nothing in return. American and European companies seem not to realize that if they teach

Avoiding China Company Formation Problems

Avoiding China Company Formation Problems

Every so often, someone about to have their Chinese company shut down by the Chinese government contacts us. These sorts of contacts accelerate during economic slowdowns and times of tension and that has been the case of late as well. The following is a composite of some of the emails we have received relating to

China Law Blog - Global Law and Business Podcast - Nadège Rolland (China)

Global Law and Business Podcast – Nadège Rolland (China)

Listen HERE or stream on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, or Soundcloud! At Harris Bricken, we keep close tabs on what is happening around the world, and we know that our friends and clients do, as well. We are happy to provide this podcast series: Global Law and Business, hosted by international attorneys Fred Rocafort and Jonathan Bench, where we look at the world

International School Law/Teacher Law: It's Complicated

International School Law/Teacher Law: It’s Complicated

Many of our lawyers and staff attended international schools or are sons or daughters of teachers or professors. I spent my junior year of high school at Robert College in Istanbul, a year studying Spanish at LAE Madrid and Taronja Spanish School in Valencia, Spain (both are excellent, BTW) and 8 months studying French at the

China indemnification

China Factory Indemnification: Yeah, Whatever

American and European lawyers love indemnification provisions in product manufacturing agreements. They love them so much they often use them in China manufacturing contracts (OEM Agreements) even though they do not work well there. American and European lawyers will put in a provision stating that if a product defect leads to a recall or injures

China employee non compete agreements

China Employee Non-Competes: Do Not Try This at Home

Many American companies (at least outside California where employee non-competes are generally considered invalid) love non- competes and they use them as a matter of course with most (sometimes all) their employees. Generally, a non-compete agreement or a non-compete provision in an employee contract provides that the employee cannot work for one of the employer’s

China movie industry

Chloe Zhao, James Bond and the Future (and Present) of Chinese Storytelling

When Beijing-born Chloé Zhao won the Academy Award for Best Director (and Best Picture) last week for Nomadland, the mainland Chinese media were under instructions to remain silent, and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) censors had turned on their Chloé Zhao filters, preventing mainland movie fans from celebrating the ascent of a native daughter to the