China Trademark Lawyers

China Trademarks: Counterfeit Goods and Parallel Imports

Our international IP lawyers do a lot of work for clients seeking to remove listings of counterfeit goods from Chinese e-commerce sites. Most of these listings are for obviously, sometimes extravagantly counterfeit merchandise, offered in vast quantities at far-below retail prices, with pictures either lifted from the real manufacturer’s website or showing products of dubious quality,

China IP Lawyers

Make China Trademarks a Priority

I am not a big fan of filing Madrid Protocol applications for China. In certain situations, they can work well, but when they don’t work (which is fairly often) the trademark registration process takes longer and costs more than just filing a national application. See China Trademarks. Register Them In China Not Madrid. Filing a

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Global Law and Business Podcast – Sam White (Women-Focused Insurance in U.K. and Australia)

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China manufacturing contracts

How to avoid China Manufacturing Problems

At least two to three times a we, one of our international manufacturing lawyers gets an email seeking help in resolving bad product or late product problems. With tensions rising with China, these emails are increasing. Sadly, most of the time we have to tell them that it probably will not be worth their money