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Navigating China’s Evolving Trademark Landscape

1. The Changing Nature of Securing Trademarks in China Once upon a time, securing English-language trademarks in China was relatively straightforward. Our China trademark lawyers would determine the appropriate trademark category or categories under China’s trademark system, select the right class (or classes) and subclass (or subclasses), and secure approval from the China Trademark Office

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Is Registering Your Trademark in China Always Necessary?

I spoke with a new client yesterday regarding the importance of his company obtaining trademarks in China. At the end of the conversation, the client was so “psyched” about getting the trademarks, he asked if there are ever times a company does not need to register its brand name as a trademark in China. Though

China Trademark Appeal

Harris Sliwoski Wins China Trademark Appeal

Our international trademark attorneys recently won an appeal of an earlier refusal of a China trademark registration application. This case demonstrates the complex strategies often required to secure trademark protection for brands in China. As execution of these strategies can take time, brands willing to take the long view are likely to see better results.

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Color Claims for Trademarks: Avoid

Color claims for trademarks should in general be avoided. To be clear, there are situations when claiming color on a trademark registration application makes sense, but these situations are not common. What’s more, color claims might create issues in the future, if you stop using your trademark exactly as registered. Claiming a color or colors

China domain name scams

China Domain Name Scams

China Domain Name Scams If your company has done anything in China (even just sending someone there to meet with a supplier), you have probably received a somewhat official-looking email offering to “help” you stop someone from taking your domain registry in China or maybe somewhere else in the world. Picture this: Your company finally

China Trademark Law

China’s Well-Known Trademarks: A Primer

Well-known trademarks enjoy protection under Chinese law. This protection is the closest China comes to protecting unregistered trademarks. However, the circumstances under which such protection is afforded are limited, given that the standard for a trademark being considered well-known is exceedingly high. To illustrate just how stringent the standard can be, consider a situation I

Web3 and blockchain

China (and Other Nations) May Be Winning the Blockchain Race Against the U.S.

I recently read a great article in Politico by Brandon Possin, a U.S. foreign service officer (and friend of my colleague Fred Rocafort) who is currently stationed at the U.S. embassy in Tokyo. Possin also has significant blockchain-related credentials. In U.S. Diplomat to Washington: You’re Becoming Obsolete in One Big Area of Tech Policy, he

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Managing Intellectual Property Rights in the U.S. Customs Regulatory Environment

Questions & Answers on Managing Intellectual Property Rights in the U.S. Customs Regulatory Environment   Earlier this year I sat down with the Asociación Interamericana de la Propiedad Intelectual (ASIPI) to discuss what can be done to protect trademarks, copyrights, and patents in the U.S. Customs regulatory environment. The following questions and answers are from

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Trademark Oppositions: China vs US

Trademark oppositions are proceedings by which parties can formally request the refusal of another party’s trademark application. They are a feature of the trademark laws of just about every country, including China and the United States. Though trademark oppositions serve the same purpose in both China and the United States, the contexts in which they