China contract drafting

The Best Way to Send a Draft Contract to Your China Counterparty

The other day I cleaned up and revised the various email templates our China lawyers sometimes use to answer frequently asked questions sent to us by our clients and potential clients. One of the common questions we get from clients is on how to send to the Chinese side of a deal the contracts our

Chinese companies in the United States and Mexico

Top Ten Reasons Chinese Companies Fail in America (and Mexico)

Way back in 2010, I wrote Ten Reasons Chinese Companies Fail In The U.S. for Forbes Magazine. My top ten list in that article was as follows: 1. Chinese companies focus on a Chinese consumer, not an American one. 2. Chinese companies fail to realize how one reputation-damaging mistake in the United States can doom

The China balloon and your international business

A Popped Balloon From China Presages Business Trouble

Last year, in Three Things Everyone Leaving China for Mexico Should Know, we talked about how when analyzing US-China relations, the “only politics worth watching are in Washington DC”: The politicians that matter to you are the ones writing, interpreting, executing, and judging United States trade laws. Don’t waste time and energy trying to read

China Lies and spies

China Spying: It’s Everywhere

You have almost certainly heard by now that there is a massive Chinese spy balloon currently hovering over U.S. airspace in violation of international and U.S. law. Or if you actually believe the CCP, it is merely a weather balloon that went very far off course. 1. China’s Spy Balloon Will Worsen China’s Relations with

Foreign Entrepreneurs in China

Helping New Entrepreneurs Understand Today’s China Business Environment

I have recently spoken with many entrepreneurs still growing their businesses in the United States. When I talked with them about their international plans, many were interested in expanding internationally, but lacked a viable roadmap and resources for doing so. As they learned about my expertise in China and greater Asia, our discussions coalesced around

China M&A Deals. Mergers and Acquisitions.

VCs and PEs Hunting for China Deals Still Need an Exit Plan

December was a typically busy transactional month for our China team with the end of the calendar tax year looming. We were brought onto a China acquisition by one of our PE clients mid-month, and we closed before the end of the year. This cyclical frenetic pace of closing deals has caused me to reflect

China's New Quarantine Rules

China to Lift Its Quarantine Requirements

Quarantine requirements are set to be lifted for inbound travelers to China. According to press reports, starting on January 8, there will be no quarantine requirements for those arriving in the country, with the only requirement being a negative COVID test result issued within the preceding 48 hours. This is a critical development for all

China COVID Predictions

Will China’s COVID Re-Opening be Good or Bad for Business?

In What Does a Re-Opened China (Without Quarantine) Mean for Foreign Business? Renaud Anjoran of Sofeast Group looks at what China’s “COVID re-opening” will mean for foreign businesses. Let me begin by saying that I count Renaud among the group of people I consider most qualified to answer a question like this. I say this

China lawyers fraud

China Internal Company Frauds

Most of what we write about frauds involving China are about frauds perpetrated by Chinese companies against foreign companies. But as a reader recently emailed me, frauds perpetrated within foreign companies in China “are at least as common and every bit as damaging.” I agree, and today’s post highlights six of the most common internal