China contract jurisdiction

Choosing the Jurisdiction for Your China Contract Disputes

I love when blog posts come pre-written. In cleaning out old emails today I found one from one of my law firm’s international dispute resolution lawyers to a Canadian client’s in-house lawyer who had proposed writing a contract that would give the client the choice of suing its Chinese counter-party in either Canada or China.

Shutting down a China WFOE

How To Close A China WFOE

1. Foreign Companies Are Leaving China Foreign companies are tiring of the difficulties and the risks that come from doing business in China. Not surpisingly, our China lawyers have been getting a ton of questions on how to close a China WFOE. It is difficult and time-consuming to form a WFOE in China. As you

China scams crypto

China Scams: The Holiday Edition

One of our oldest and most cherished traditions is to write about China scams at the end of every year. We do this because history shows this is the biggest month for them. Scammers increase their activities at the end of the year, hoping to be less noticed/less examined due to the usual end of

China trademark lawyer

Green Trademarks in China are Getting Red Lights

Green trademarks are running into red lights in China. Just about every application to register a mark that includes the word “green” is being rejected. Rumor has it that concerns over greenwashing are to blame, though given the opaque nature of the application process this cannot be confirmed. Greenwashing is the “practice of making unwarranted

China Joint Venture laws

China Joint Ventures: Everything You Should Know

Despite (or in many cases because of) the increasing difficulties foreign companies face in doing business in China, there remains nearly as much interest in China joint ventures as ever. Our China lawyers have also seen a recent uptick in companies needing help with failed and failing joint ventures, which is to be expected as

Global Trademark Protection Under the Madrid Protocol

Does U.S. Trademark Law Apply Worldwide?

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear a trademark infringement case arising under the Lanham Act that has huge implications for manufacturers and sellers of products based outside the U.S. The case is Hetronic International, Inc. v. Hetronic Germany GMBH, et al. The case arises from a $114 million judgment for an industrial

Crypto regulation

Crypto Trademarks and China

Crypto trademarks are a no-go in China. In line with the country’s prohibitions on cryptocurrencies, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) will not register trademarks that describe crypto goods and/or services. Brands in the crypto space must be mindful of this reality when crafting brand and intellectual property rights protection strategies for China. China

Mexico versus China for manufacturing

Three Things Everyone Leaving China for Mexico Should Know

Mexico is about to be transformed into a major commercial & manufacturing center – but it’s not trying to be the “factory of the world” and it never will be. If you manufacture products for the US market (or supply companies that do), Mexico will play a bigger role in your business decisions. If you are in certain high-tech sectors, or rely heavily on OEM or contract manufacturing, Mexico may present more challenges than benefits

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Harris Bricken Sponsors MITA Annual Meeting: Madison Wisconsin on December 15

Harris Bricken is proud to be the key program sponsor for the December 15, 2022, event hosted by the Madison (Wisconsin) International Trade Association (“MITA”), titled, “Major Markets: Trade Updates with Europe and BRIC Nations.” The event will feature leading international economist, Byron Shoulton, who will speak on economic, trade, and political risks, including their