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Gibson Guitars — From Kalamazoo To China And Beyond

I just learned that Gibson Guitar will soon be returning to an industrial heartland, but in China's Liaoning Province this time. Gibson just purchased China's third-biggest piano maker, state-owned Dongbei Piano Group. Our international lawyers have lately been seeing more American and European companies getting their start at doing business in China by buying existing China companies/facilities.

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Negotiating with Chinese Companies: Patience Required

Doing business in China Requires Patience. The thinking in China seems to be that once an American comes to China "to do the deal," he or she will be unwilling to return home empty-handed and will instead end up signing something less favorable than what enticed them to go to China to sign. In most instances, your strategy should be not to get on the plane unless and until it is clear the right contract will be there for you when you land.

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The “Chinese Mindset” and Doing Business with China

Doing Business with China, per Janet Carmosky.Tomorrow never comes. When it does, you can start all over anyway. Never tell anyone what you are doing unless you know what will be done with that information. Take the opportunity, even if that means breaking a contract. Nobody operates independently. Survival depends on a network. Do not trust anyone and respect only those in your network. Teamwork and transparency are a drain on the system.