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The Three Most Basic Rules for Doing Business Internationally

Newsweek just ran a story on problems one might encounter while engaging in medical testing in China. Entitled, Meds and Miracles,[link no longer exists] this article is necessary reading for anyone doing business in China, not just those doing medical testing. I strongly suggest you read it. Twice. China has become a worldwide center for

China Software Piracy

China Software Piracy Has Staying Power

CIO Magazine, published out of the Netherlands, just did an excellent article detailing why software piracy is so rampant in China and why it will not be going away anytime soon.  Entitled, Why Piracy Isn’t Going Away in China, the article’s thesis is that software piracy in China will exist in large numbers until the

China IP litigation

Starbucks Wins China Trademark Case

Starbucks Corporation has been in a long running dispute with coffee shops in Shanghai and Qingdao over the use of the Starbucks trademark in China. Starbucks has prevailed in both actions. On November 16, 2005, the Qingdao court ruled in favor of Starbucks and it recently published that decision (in Chinese only) on its intellectual