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Beware The China Joint Venture, But Do Not Ignore It Completely

The other day we did a post, entitled, Beware The China Joint Venture, where we again railed against doing joint ventures in China.  Kent Kedl, of Technomic Asia, which describes itself as “a strategic consultancy firm whose mission is to assist globally expanding companies to build their Asian businesses through high quality market strategy and

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Beware the China Joint Venture

Regular readers of this blog know we are not big fans of Chinese joint ventures. Though they are sometimes required under Chinese law for entry into China and they are also sometimes a near necessity for business reasons, they should generally be avoided if possible. Some incidents our China lawyers have seen over the last

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The Five Keys for Reducing Your China Manufacturing Risks

In response to yesterday’s post containing outsourcing tips from a business perspective a reader sent me an e-mail asking what to look out for on the legal side. Fortunately, I was able to find a short article fellow blogger Steve Dickinson had published a few years ago on just this topic and here it is:

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So You Want To Practice International (China) Law?

Law students and recent law school graduates are always contacting me to ask how they can become international lawyers focused on China law. My response is usually a somewhat rambling dissertation on the need to build a solid legal foundation while working on improving language skills. I then talk about how almost every lawyer I

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China Outsourcing, Yes Or No?

A Mexican client that does outsource manufacturing for U.S. and European companies recommended I read an article in the Harvard Business School’s newsletter, Working Knowledge, entitled, Making the Cost Migration Decision. The article is on making the decision on “what, how, and where” to secure product from and move production overseas. The article was written

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Are Some US Firms Violating US Law In China?

Of course they are, if you ask it like that. The Foreign Confidential Blog asked that question in its title to a recent post on the corruption scandals engulfing Shanghai. I e-mailed the blogger behind Foreign Confidential to see if he was aware of anything specific regarding US companies and he told me he is

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Protecting Your IP In China

Alicia Beverly, Chief IP (intellectual property) strategist with IP Wealth, an Australian company, that “specializes in identifying, protecting, managing and monitoring intellectual property assets for clients around Australia and overseas,” wrote a helpful article entitled, Protecting and Enforcing Your IP Rights In China [link no longer exists]. The article begins with a couple of fairly

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Vietnam: Tastes Like China Lite

My mother, bless her heart, ALWAYS orders chicken whenever she eats dinner out. Those few times I’ve convinced her to order something else, she ends up saying it “tastes like chicken” anyway.  I mention this because I worry I am doing the same thing with Vietnam in comparing it to China. But I cannot help

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Chinese Litigation: Why Forsake The Thrill Of The New?

A couple weeks ago, an American company contacted one of our international litigators about representing them before the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) in Beijing. The American company told us that it was owed ~$600,000 by a Chinese company that had failed to make its final payment on a large piece of

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China Law: Change Is The Only Constant

Interesting article in the most recent Harvard Law Bulletin, entitled, Why China? [link no longer exists.  Article is an interview with Harvard Law Professor William Alford on the development of China’s legal system.  Professor Alford knows whereof he speaks. Professor Alford talks about how “China is engaged in the most extraordinary effort at legal development