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China NNN Agreements: Don’t Leave Home Without One (Or Many)

Years ago, our Chinese lawyers used to get a fairly steady stream of panicked callers who would call us a month or so after returning from China where they had showed their product, prototype or product drawings to Chinese OEM companies. These people were calling us in a panic because they had shown their product,

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Gibson Guitars — From Kalamazoo To China And Beyond

I grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, two houses down from the Sweitzers. Mr. Sweitzer worked at the local Gibson Guitar factory and he would arrive home from work each day at around 3:50 p.m. and his dinner was to be on the table by 4 p.m. Near as I could tell, it always was. I

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Negotiating with Chinese Companies: Patience Required

Twice in the last week, Chinese companies have sought to subject clients to one of the classic international business tricks: changing the deal right before an in-person overseas signing. This trick typically goes like this: You [the foreign company] agree to the general terms of a deal with your Chinese counterpart. You schedule your China

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China Business: Location, Location, Location

I was recently contacted by someone putting together a doing business in China conference wanting me to speak on where to locate a business within China. This got me to thinking about what goes into choosing a business location. We have worked with companies that have hired high-powered consultants, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars

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China Forum — Janet Carmosky On The Chinese Mindset

Janet Carmosky has been “doing China” since 1985 and she has lived in China for the bulk of the last twenty years, most of which time she was married to a Chinese businessperson. Her Chinese is incredible. She knows China. To grossly summarize her talk, it went as follows: Americans think the Chinese lie and steal.

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James McGregor’s China Tips

Tips for doing business in China Long ago, The Wall Street Journal reviewed James McGregor’s book, One Billion Customers.  The review had a sidebar, entitled, “Crib Sheet,” listing various tips from the book, including the following: The Chinese will ask you for anything because you just may be stupid enough to agree to it.  Many

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GE On China IP Protection

Just came across this article on DrugResearcher.com, “GE’s IP expert offers tips on China” (h/t to Peter Zura’s Patent Blog)  The article [link no longer exists] consists mostly of China IP and patent advice from Todd Dickinson, General Electrics VP and chief intellectual property counsel. Dickinson talked about how if the R&D for an invention

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China: Where Even The "Law Firms" Are Fake

In the movie, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey) gets stabbed countless times by massive spears, knifed a few times, flipped completely over a couple times, and stepped and trampled upon.  He takes all of this with amazing equanimity.  But when his hair gets ruffled, he becomes furious and yells, “NOBODY MESSES