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The China Syndrome: La Plus Ca Change. . . .

Lots of buzz out there regarding James Mann’s new, 127 page book, The China Fantasy.  I have not yet read the book so this post is based only on snippets from the book and on what I have read about the book. According to Mann, we have no reason to believe China is democratizing or

Bob Marley in China

Roots, Rock, Reggae, Dis Is China Music

Heard a story on NPR the other day that combines two of my favorite subjects, Reggae and China. Sorry, but I just cannot pass up the opportunity to post on Bob Marley, of whom I am such a fan that at one point in my life I had the goal of collecting all recordings of

storm trooper

NEWS FLASH — Mongolian Law Firm Clones Famous China Lawyer

He graduated college summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in Chinese Language and Literature from one of America’s leading universities in that arena.  He graduated from a leading American law school with honors, where he was the law journal’s Articles Editor. He has published law articles in English and in German

China Law Blog

Ranking China’s Law Schools

The Chinese Law Prof Blog recently did a post on the ranking of China law schools and universities. Unfortunately, nobody seems to know the criteria behind the rankings, put out by a certain Mr. Wu, but here goes anyway: 1.  A++  Beijing University 2.  A++  People’s University (Beijing) 3.  A++  Wuhan University 4.  A++  Tsinghua

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Foreign Ownership Of Real Estate In China/China’s New Forex Rules

In July 2006, the Chinese government issued rules prohibiting foreign individuals and companies from directly owning commercial real estate in China. Just this month, China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange (“SAFE”) issued new foreign exchange rules. In my experience dealing with real estate investors here in Shanghai and elsewhere in China, both of these rules

Getting paid by Chinese companies

Make More Money By Ending China Kickbacks

Would that it were so easy. Kickback schemes are rampant in China.  If you have Chinese employees and you buy or sell product in China, there is a good chance you are losing money from kickbacks and likely also violating Chinese and U.S. (or European laws). American Public Media’s Marketplace just did a brief radio

China crime

Mapping China Crime Is Democracy In Action

When clients ask me whether they need to worry about crime in China, I typically say it is hard to know because China’s crime statistics are so unreliable. I then talk about “my sense” of things, based on my own experiences (so far, so good) and that of the people I know who are doing

Kaifeng Jews

China: Where Even The Jews Are Fake

Jews of Kaifeng Self-help the Jewish way. Absolutely fascinating story in today’s Washington Post, entitled, Sold on a Stereotype: In China, a genre of self-help books purports to tell the secrets of making money “the Jewish way”.  Seems the Chinese think very highly of Jews, both for their perceived ability as businesspeople, and for their honesty and

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China Law Evolving

China’s globalization is influencing its laws and its law enforcement. What this means for foreign companies doing business in China (and hence the title of this series) is that China’s laws and law enforcement are evolving. Today’s post involves an interesting article in the China Daily on how China’s judges and prosecutors are studying law