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China Business: Location, Location, Location

I was recently contacted by someone putting together a doing business in China conference wanting me to speak on where to locate a business within China. This got me to thinking about what goes into choosing a business location. We have worked with companies that have hired high-powered consultants, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars

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China Forum — Steve Dickinson On The New Paradigm For China Market Entry

China Law Blog’s own China Lawyer, Steve Dickinson, was one of the featured speakers at the recently completed Doing Business in China seminar in Chicago. Steve’s talk was entitled, “China: The New Paradigm for Market Entry” and it focused on the idea that China today is not the China of ten years ago. Steve discussed the

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China Forum — Janet Carmosky On The Chinese Mindset

Janet Carmosky has been “doing China” since 1985 and she has lived in China for the bulk of the last twenty years, most of which time she was married to a Chinese businessperson. Her Chinese is incredible. She knows China. To grossly summarize her talk, it went as follows: Americans think the Chinese lie and steal.

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James McGregor’s China Tips

Tips for doing business in China Long ago, The Wall Street Journal reviewed James McGregor’s book, One Billion Customers.  The review had a sidebar, entitled, “Crib Sheet,” listing various tips from the book, including the following: The Chinese will ask you for anything because you just may be stupid enough to agree to it.  Many

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GE On China IP Protection

Just came across this article on, “GE’s IP expert offers tips on China” (h/t to Peter Zura’s Patent Blog)  The article [link no longer exists] consists mostly of China IP and patent advice from Todd Dickinson, General Electrics VP and chief intellectual property counsel. Dickinson talked about how if the R&D for an invention

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China: Where Even The "Law Firms" Are Fake

In the movie, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey) gets stabbed countless times by massive spears, knifed a few times, flipped completely over a couple times, and stepped and trampled upon.  He takes all of this with amazing equanimity.  But when his hair gets ruffled, he becomes furious and yells, “NOBODY MESSES

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Beware The China Joint Venture, But Do Not Ignore It Completely

The other day we did a post, entitled, Beware The China Joint Venture, where we again railed against doing joint ventures in China.  Kent Kedl, of Technomic Asia, which describes itself as “a strategic consultancy firm whose mission is to assist globally expanding companies to build their Asian businesses through high quality market strategy and

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Beware the China Joint Venture

Regular readers of this blog know we are not big fans of Chinese joint ventures. Though they are sometimes required under Chinese law for entry into China and they are also sometimes a near necessity for business reasons, they should generally be avoided if possible. Some incidents our China lawyers have seen over the last

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The Five Keys for Reducing Your China Manufacturing Risks

In response to yesterday’s post containing outsourcing tips from a business perspective a reader sent me an e-mail asking what to look out for on the legal side. Fortunately, I was able to find a short article fellow blogger Steve Dickinson had published a few years ago on just this topic and here it is:

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So You Want To Practice International (China) Law?

Law students and recent law school graduates are always contacting me to ask how they can become international lawyers focused on China law. My response is usually a somewhat rambling dissertation on the need to build a solid legal foundation while working on improving language skills. I then talk about how almost every lawyer I