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Doing Everything Right in China — A Primer

This article from McKinsey Quarterly [link no longer exists] details the China operations of Danfoss, a Danish manufacturer of mechanical and electrical products and controls.  Danfoss appears to have done just about everything right in its China business and their tactics there are quite instructive. I am particularly impressed by Danfoss’s doing the following: Going

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How NOT to Handle Your China Legal Matters

There is an expression applied to those who do something particularly unwise in China: “checking one’s brain at the gate.” I got a call the other day from an American who told me he was owed more than $250,000 by someone in China. The American told me he had given this person in China the

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property from China: China IP Registrations are the "Bare Minimum"

Just came across this excellent McKinsey Quarterly article, Protecting Intellectual property in China: Litigation is no substitute for strategy. [link no longer exists] The article is on China Intellectual Property (IP) protection strategies. I like how this article stresses that legal tactics (such as registering and enforcing your IP and using China-specific contracts to secure

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China’s Five Surprises

A reader from Ireland brought to our attention to a recent paper, called “China’s Five Surprises,” written by Dr. Edward Tse, of Booz Allen. This paper does an excellent job discussing where China business is today and where we can expect it to be in the future. Its five main themes are as follows: 1. 

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