Copycat China: It Just Keeps on Going

From the New Yorker In Copycat China Still A Problem For Brands; China’s Future: Just Ask Apple, Hyatt and Starbucks, Michael Zakkour begins with a great story on China copying: In 2006 I had to leave Beijing for a brief business trip to Dongguan, a major industrial city in Guangdong Province. My assistant asked if

How to Keep Your China Product Supplier a Secret

We ended our post, YOUR China Supplier Information. It’s Out There, with the question, “What do you do to prevent your Western buyers from learning about your foreign suppliers and going around you?” Yesterday we received an answer from a loyal reader who says he maintains an ongoing request with US customs for confidential treatment

How to Change Your China Employer AND Keep Your Work Permit

Got an email this morning from a loyal reader setting out the steps one must go through to switch China employers while hanging on to a China work permit (Z Visa). Here goes. The most important factor in keeping your work permit is getting a letter of release from your current/old employer company. Technically, as

Four Tips for Keeping Your (Marketing) Business China Legal.

I wrote an article for Advertising Age Four Tips to Avoid Breaking the Law in China and though its focus is on the legal issues that arise from marketing in China, it also provides a basic  foundation of the common legal issues foreign businesses in all industries face in China. I urge you to read

So You Want to Take Your Business Global?

We were prompted to write this post by talk that Mexico should consider joining the RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership). But how many Mexican companies can really take advantage of the opportunities these sorts of trade agreements bring? How many Mexican companies are in a position to penetrate other markets? There’s nothing wrong with internationalism, but as

Want to Get Sued in China? Your Employees Can Make that Happen

With the economic downturn and so many companies looking to reduce HR costs, our China employment lawyers have been seeing a fairly large increase in China employment litigation matters. Most of these cases involve foreign companies doing business in China and most arise from one (or more of the following): Terminating an employee for a

China Product Exclusions: I Want My (301) Money Back

With so much excitement revolving around US-China trade relations, it’s easy to lose track of which duties are effective when, and how they can impact your company. Our customs team has lately been getting a lot of questions from clients regarding 301 tariff rates and what they must do to secure a refund on granted

China Trademarks: The Hits Just Keep on Coming

The Chinese Trademark Office is now part of the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), which had previously only handled patents. SIPO is also taking over responsibility for geographical indications (e.g., Basmati rice, Parmagiano Reggiano cheese, Cognac brandy), but copyrights will remain under the purview of the Copyright Protection Centre of China. Which may seem odd

Keeping the FDA Off Your Back: Don’t Make Health Claims for Cannabis Products

In Cannabis Edibles and the FDA, I discussed the basics of FDA regulation of cannabis edibles. On November 1, 2017, the FDA provided further specific examples of prohibited health claims made for cannabis products, in this case, cannabidiol (CBD): The FDA has grown increasingly concerned at the proliferation of products claiming to treat or cure serious