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Trademark Similarity Across Languages

Introduction Picture this: A young entrepreneur named Alex (all names have been changed to protect the innocent) launches a trendy eco-friendly shoe line named “VerdeVoyage” in the U.S. After gaining popularity stateside, Alex decides to expand to China. However, unbeknownst to Alex, 绿行 (lvxing), which translates to “Green Journey”, is already a registered trademark for

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How to Protect Your IP When You Move Your Manufacturing Out of China

Bye-bye China Manufacturing With no sign of peace breaking out any time soon on the US-China trade front, an increasing number of businesses are turning their eyes toward alternative manufacturing destinations, such as Vietnam, Thailand and Mexico. Such relocations present all sorts of new and  different headaches, but I suspect that before long many folks

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Cannabis Brands and China: An Emerging IP Challenge

Cannabis Brands and China Challenges Cannabis brands account for a sizeable component of my law firm’s intellectual property work (and, indeed, our work generally). Historically, there has been little overlap between our cannabis and China practice areas, beyond our representing a number of cannabis ancillary product companies on their China manufacturing matters. This is starting

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Tackling Counterfeits in Latin America Requires a China Strategy

China is Central to Latin American Counterfeiting Issues Counterfeit challenges in Latin America are closely tied to manufacturing in China because a significant proportion of these counterfeits trace back to China. This means an effective brand protection strategy for Latin America often requires an effective brand protection strategy for China as well. For many brands,

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The Importance of International Trademark Protection

Introduction As we regularly stress on these pages, trademarks (and other intellectual property) are often a brand’s most valuable assets. It therefore follows that international trademark protection should be a key priority for brands engaged in international business. Globalization and Trademark Realities In this age of increasing globalization, where phones and ATM cards from your

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The Five Keys to Protecting Your IP from China

Introduction Navigating the intricate landscape of intellectual property (IP) protection in China is a paramount concern for businesses in today’s global market. Countering counterfeiting and IP infringement requires a comprehensive strategy that goes beyond borders. This post sets out the five keys to safeguarding your IP assets from and within China. From registering your IP

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The Misunderstood World of Patents and the Need to Diversify Your IP Protection Strategy.

Companies often put too much faith in patents alone to protect their intellectual property (IP) when manufacturing and selling overseas. But a one-size-fits-all approach to IP protection rarely works. Though patents have benefits in some cases, they are frequently not the most effective or economical choice. A wiser strategy involves exploring multiple IP protections and

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International Employment Agreements That Ensure Success for Your Overseas Subsidiary

If you have a foreign subsidiary, you need to protect your intellectual property (IP) and company policies with tailored employment agreements. Otherwise, you risk losing valuable assets, facing legal disputes, and damaging your reputation. In this post, we’ll show you how to create an effective overseas subsidiary employment agreement package that covers all the essential

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Securing Essential Intellectual Property Rights in China: A Comprehensive Guide

CHINA TRADEMARKS Securing Trademarks in China China’s massive consumer market represents a tremendous opportunity for companies to build their brands. However, substantial risks of trademark squatting, counterfeits and other infringements make registering and protecting your trademarks in China absolutely essential. This in-depth guide provides practical insights on the benefits, process, tips and potential pitfalls of