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Hong Kong’s Demise and Merry Christmas

Night before Christmas so slow day today, so I will use it as an excuse to reminisce a bit. In August, 2019, in what now seems like an eternity ago, in Hong Kong for International Business: Stick a Fork in It, we were — as far as I know — the first to declare the end

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Hong Kong’s Saddest Day

Whatever the Chinese Communist Party waxworks expected after the Hong Kong handover, the massive July 1, 2003 protest against proposed “national security” legislation was surely a warning about the limits of Hongkongers’ tolerance of authoritarian rule. The proposed legislation was the Hong Kong government’s response to Article 23 of its Basic Law, which requires the

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An FAQ on China PPE

Last week, Fred Rocafort (one of our international trade lawyers), Dan Pak (a VP of Procurement at a large East Coast hospital chain) and I put on a 90+ minute webinar on navigating PPE purchases from China. Based on the feedback we have received and the fact that a number of webinar companies have asked

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Leave China NOW!

For the last week or so, our China lawyers have been inundated by requests from employers in China for help in dealing with the many employment law issues created by the coronavirus has created. Just yesterday, our lead China employment lawyer, Grace Yang, wrote about that in Coronavirus and What China Employers Should be Doing

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Hong Kong for International Business: Stick a Fork in It, Part 2

Three months ago, in Hong Kong for International Business, Stick a Fork in It, we predicted the slow demise of Hong Kong as an international business center. Many wrote us to say they agreed. Many wrote us to say they vehemently disagreed. Those who disagreed argued that we had underestimated the grit and the resilience

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BREAKING: Alleged US-China "Micro" Deal Does Not Mean a Thing for Most

Since the very beginning of US-China trade negotiations we have been unequivocally negative on the likelihood of a deal and we have just kept saying that foreign companies (especially those that sell their products to the United States) need to work on reducing their China footprint. Today’s micro-deal between the United States and China has

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China’s New Company Tracking System: Comply, Comply, Comply

Foreign companies doing business in China are abuzz with news and rumors regarding China’s plans to set up what will essentially be a social credit system for companies that do business in China. In China is building a ‘comprehensive system’ for tracking companies’ activities, CNBC does a great job explaining what this new system will