China due diligence

Due Diligence in China Just Got a Lot Harder: Now What?

With the wave of news surrounding due diligence company crackdowns in China, with Mintz Group and Bain & Co. as the highest profile targets to date (see here and here), a reporter reached out to inquire how legal practitioners are dealing with this diminished access. She wanted to know whether and how this complicates business

China dumping

Three New AD/CVD Petitions: Steel Shelves, Steel Cylinders, Brass Rod

Last week saw a flurry of activity with three new AD/CVD petitions: (1) Boltless Steel Shelving Units from India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam (AD only); (2) Brass Rod from Brazil, India, Israel, Mexico, South Africa, and South Korea (AD/CVD); and (3) Non-Refillable Cylinders from India (AD/CVD) Two of these petitions are sequels of AD/CVD cases

Hague Service China

Email Service of Process on Chinese Defendants

Pursuing an individual or business in China is notoriously difficult for several reasons. One of them is that at the outset of any lawsuit, a complaint needs to be filed and served – meaning, it must be demonstrated to the Court that the complaint was provided to the named defendant(s) in a satisfactory manner. The

Protect your IP

Moving Your Manufacturing Out of China: Do You Really Own Your Product?

Our international manufacturing lawyers have been working with a ton of companies that are looking to pull their manufacturing from China and move it elsewhere, to places like Mexico, Colombia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. One of the first questions we ask when providing legal counsel regarding such moves is who owns the IP related to

China Rep Office or WFOE

China Representative Offices

China Representative Offices Is your company considering setting up a Representative Office in China? You will likely find that the process is not as easy as it used to be. In many cases, plans for a Chinese Rep Office result in creating a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE), which is one significant step beyond a Rep

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International Contracts Are Worth Every Dollar You’d Rather Not Pay

Paying lawyers can seem expensive, even if they are only mediocre lawyers. But good lawyers can often save you money because they can save you from your own mistakes. They do that by having both the experience and gravitas to teach you from others’ mistakes. I wrote in a previous post about the PPE nightmare


Miami Event | Spain: Your Bridge to Europe

Join The Florida Bar International Law Section next Wednesday, April 26 for an exclusive in person discussion on Spain with two attorneys from HB’s partner firm, Monereo Meyer Abogados! The attorneys will provide an overview of the Spanish market, highlighting key factors that make Spain an attractive base of operations, such as its population base,

US ChinaTrade Policies

US-China Decoupling: Yes, No AND Maybe So

In a few weeks I will be testifying before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, and this is causing me to become a bit obsessed with US-China terminology. It is also making me increasingly tired of talking about “decoupling” and “cold wars” when there seems to be no clear definition for either. 1. On

China domain name scams

China Domain Name Scams

China Domain Name Scams If your company has done anything in China (even just sending someone there to meet with a supplier), you have probably received a somewhat official-looking email offering to “help” you stop someone from taking your domain registry in China or maybe somewhere else in the world. Just about everyone doing business in China

Hong Kong for business

Hong Kong is Over and We Told You This Would Happen

On August 13, 2019, in Hong Kong for International Business: Stick a Fork in It we made clear Hong Kong would soon cease to be an international business center and companies needed to consider moving out. To say this generated anger would be an understatement. In comments, I was called a “turd”, “hopelessly naive” someone