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China vs. Thailand Outsourcing Smackdown

David Dayton over at the consistently enlightening Silk Road International Blog did an interesting post comparing China to Thailand for manufacturing, entitled, Thailand vs. China. David is eminently qualified to make this comparison because his Master’s Degree focused on “Comparative Chinese and Thai Corporate Cultures,” he is fluent in both Thai and Mandarin, and he

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China Cultural Awareness Simplified: Don’t be an Asshole

We have often written how cultural awareness is an overrated skill for doing business in China, but never quite so bluntly as China business lawyer Stan Abrams does over at China Hearsay, in his post, entitled, Cultural Awareness [link no longer exists]: OK, I’m probably going to really piss off AmCham after posting this, but

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Chinese Government And The Courts: Always/Never/Sometimes The Twain Shall Meet

Excellent post on the Managing the Dragon blog, entitled, Danone/Wahaha: Divine Intervention (Pt. 6). Forget Danone/Wahaha and focus on the divine intervention part. The post is about the role of the Chinese “government” in legal disputes. Some definitions are in order here since courts are government as well. The issue with which Managing the Dragon

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China Manufacturing Protections: My Elevator Speech

Many years ago, my old law firm brought in a “legal marketing expert” to lead a marketing seminar for the firm. I do not remember a single thing from that session beyond that the expert forced each of us to describe our practice as though we had just been asked to do so by someone

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China’s New Labor Law: It’s A Huge Deal.

Everything is going to change on January 1, 2008, for employers in China. Well almost everything. That is the day China’s new labor law goes into effect and if you have employees in China (especially if you “unofficially” have employees in China), you absolutely must take various steps to get into compliance AND to avoid

Top Ten China Business Survival Tips

I am always a sucker for top ten lists and the China and “10 Survival Tips for Expats Who Work in China,” is a good one for foreigners doing  business in China. Roman Guerel is the brains behind the blog and he has a ton of China experience and is working on a Ph.d in

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Danone v. Wahaha: China Business Lessons To Be Learned

This month’s China Economic Review contains an article by China Law Blog’s own Steve Dickinson on the Danone Wahaha dispute. The article is an offshoot of a speech Steve recently gave for JP Morgan in Hong Kong on China Joint Ventures. Steve’s China Economic Review article is entitled Danone v. Wahaha: The lessons to be

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Chinese Companies Can Say "So Sue Me"

Nice post today over at Asia Business Intelligence on the value (or lack thereof) of US judgments against Chinese companies. The post is entitled, “What Happens When Your Chinese Supplier Says: Sure, Go Ahead, Sue Me!” [link no longer exists]. The gist of it is that Chinese courts basically ignore US judgments and here is