International Manufacturing Term Sheets

International Manufacturing Term Sheets

International Manufacturing term sheets save time and money. They help potential product buyers and product sellers figure out whether they are on the "same page" and whether they will ever get on the same page. They also reduce attorneys' fees because drafting a contract when parties agree is invariably faster, easier and cheaper than drafting a contract before the terms are clear. 

Friendshoring. Moving manufacturing from China friendshoring

Moving Your Manufacturing out of China: Choose a “Friend”

The U.S. Treasury Secretary Suggests You “Friend-Shore” Your Supply Chain Regular readers of this blog know that we have been strong advocates for “de-risking” supply chains, especially when they are overweighted with China manufacturing. We always note that we understand some companies cannot easily shift manufacturing and operations out of China, but those that can, should.

AI Artificial Intelligence China

AI and Copyright in China

Ownership of copyright by nonhumans is not allowed in China, but increasing AI capabilities could spur changes in legal thinking.

Jerry Chidester

Global Law and Business Podcast – Jerry Chidester (Plastic Surgery)

Listen HERE or stream on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, or Soundcloud! At Harris Bricken, we keep close tabs on what is happening around the world, and we know that our friends and clients do, as well. We are happy to provide this podcast series: Global Law and Business, hosted by international attorneys Fred Rocafort and Jonathan Bench, where we look


Malaysia on Our Minds

Malaysia is in our minds these days, as the country keeps popping up in our work. This is no coincidence, as the country emerges as one of the beneficiaries of China decoupling. Here we discuss three things you should know about what's happening in MY these days.

illegal transshipment southeast Asia

Beware of Transshipment

U.S. companies importing goods from Southeast Asia must beware of transshipment schemes by Chinese suppliers. Not only do these schemes mean dealing with China problems after a supposed China departure, they also give rise to serious liabilities if importing into the United States. Over the past few years, companies have had plenty of reasons to