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China and Its Many Laws

One of the misconceptions I am always fighting about China is that it has no laws. Even people who should know better often just assume there is nothing on the China law books to cover a particular business law matter. Their assumptions oftentimes stem from their having seen companies act in many different ways, leading

China Rule of law

On the Connection Between a Topless Woman in Qingdao and Rule of Law in China

The Matt Schivenza blog has a new post, Foreign Woman Removes Top At Beach in Qingdao, Causes Major Disturbance. [link no longer exists]. Matt’s post tracks what I was talking about this morning with a client. Not nudity, but rule of law, and how so many foreigners that do business in China misunderstand its extent

China food safety lawyer

China’s Food Chain: Don’t Trust Anybody

The Eileen Eats blog did an excellent, though disquieting, post on the state of Chinese food. The post, Food Safety– Can’t let your guard down [link no longer exists], has the following money quote: Hung Huang, chief executive of the China Interactive Media Group in China, said recently in an article in the New York

international manufacturing lawyers

The Seven Keys to Product Quality When Manufacturing Overseas

A client sent one of my law firm’s international manufacturing lawyers an article and asked if it was accurate. It is and I discuss it below because it should prove helpful to anyone that has its products manufactured overseas, especially in Asia. The article is entitled, “Seven Keys to Quality when Working with Foreign Product

International arbitration

Suing Chinese Drywall Manufacturers

An international litigator I know just emailed me an article on Chinese Drywall, with the question, “why do you think these lawyers are spending so much money to serve the Chinese defendants.” My short answer is that I do not know. I will backtrack a bit first. The article is Chinese-Made Drywall: A Multi-Defendant, Multi-Claim,

International dispute resolution

Owe Money to a Chinese Company? No Need to Pay

If one of our clients owes money to a Chinese company and it cannot pay all its creditors, our international dispute resolution lawyers recommend they pay the Chinese company last because the Chinese company will likely never sue to recover. I am NOT advocating not paying debts to Chinese creditors, but I am saying that

China retail stores

Can Someone Explain China Retail?

I’m being serious. . . . I just recently got back from an Asia trip with my eleven year old daughter who loves shopping for clothes and is quite knowledgeable about them. Though we went to other places, she did most of her clothes shopping in Shanghai, Beijing, and Seoul, Korea. She did virtually all

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Working With Chinese and Korean Lawyers: The Big Four Issues with Each.

A post like this has to generalize a bit and there are exceptions to everything I say below. But having worked with dozens of law firms in both Korea and China, I have noticed the following four problems in dealing with lawyers from those two countries, respectively: 1. KOREA LAWYERS Non-responsiveness is the norm. American

Getting paid by Chinese companies

China Company Owe You Money? A New Way to Get It.

My firm just seized a large sum of money from an Asian company that owed our client a large sum of money for some time. I cannot describe this case here because our international litigation team is still working on it, but it makes for a great example of a little known way to grab