Online Payments in China: Alipay, Tenpay, Banks, Credit Cards, and China Mobile.

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The China Online Marketing Blog recently did an interesting five part series of posts discussing the various methods of making online payments in China. Even three years ago, these payment were barely used at all and though their usage is nowhere near the levels in places like Korea or the United States, they are increasing at an incredible pace. Part 1 on Alipay is here, part 2 on Tenpay is here, Part 3 on online bank transfers is here, Part 4 on credit card payments is here, and part 5 on China Mobile payments is here.

If you are running an online business that takes payment from/in China, I recommend you check out this series.

10 responses to “Online Payments in China: Alipay, Tenpay, Banks, Credit Cards, and China Mobile.”

  1. One would’ve thought that since the Paypal is arguably the most widely used online payment method in the world, China would also follow suit. My experience with any form of e-commerce in China has been thus far mediocre at best. Even a simple task like logging into your own bank account to check your balance requires, in the case of ICBC, an annoying pre-configured USB key plugged into the system. So what if you don’t have the stick on you? Anyway, with hacking, phising and scamming so prevalent in China, I suspect it wouldn’t be too long before one of the aforementioned players become entirely unusable.

  2. Wondering if payment processors in China if any support recurring payments, since I have contacted a few and none seem to support such. Anyone know if any of the payment processors which would be PCI compliant store card payment information so a merchant can ping it for a consecutive/recurring charge order?
    I guess what is really needed, what payment processor in China has implemented a sophisticated payment gateway to support such variant payment processing flows?

  3. Hi George or anyone – do you have any english info about payment gateways in China accepting international VISA. Its kind of hard to find.

  4. Very interesting guide, it was fundamental in assembling our payment guide at . We feature some interesting information on how to use the most popular Chinese banks e-banking platforms.
    @Chris: I know that Alipay accepts VISA by now. You can find some info by following the above link.

  5. Dan,
    Would you please do a post sometime on how China has essentially shut out foreign companies from the internet business?

  6. Thanks for the link. The online payment landscape in china is constantly changing so it would be good if someone would write a new article on this. Do you or anyone else know of one?

  7. Can someone tell me if majority of the e-wallets are used for consumer-to-merchant payments or for p2p payments? I’m looking for an e-wallet which is used by Chinese for p2p payments and from which the money can be withdrawn to bank account. Can anyone help me?

  8. Guys what do you think, one should start a prepaid card business in China, As i cam see that these companies are payment giants in china market.

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