Sharon Stone’s Karmic Assessment Of China

I was going to write a brilliant post on Sharon Stone’s attributing the Sichuan earthquake to “possible” karma, but since David Wolf over at Silicon Hutong beat me to it in his post entitled, “A Perspective on ‘Karma,’” I hereby fully incorporate by reference all David said, as though fully set forth herein.

Having done that, however, I cannot resist pilfering word for word, the best part of David’s post, dealing with how best to handle Ms. Stone’s comments:

There are, therefore, two correct responses to this situation:

1. Pointedly ignore Ms. Stone and others like her; or

2. Set out to clarify the record.

I would never defend Ms. Stone and what she said. Personally, I find every word of her diatribe, the setting, and the political convictions that underlie it, utterly detestable.

But by attacking her personally we miss an opportunity to debate the point.

And the debate is what is important. Not the source of the opinion that begets it.

At the same time, go ahead and label me naive, but I find it hard to believe  blind hatred of the Chinese people has reached such a fever pitch in Hollywood that Ms. Stone should have felt emboldened to attribute widespread death, injury and homelessness (including, no doubt, to Tibetans) as some sort of comeuppance? I prefer to think Ms. Stone’s views on this are in the extreme minority, even in Hollywood.

For other ways to treat Ms. Stone, check out this Daniel Drezner post entitled, The Blog Post That Writes Itself.

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  1. I don’t think Stone was saying that the earthquake was the result of Karma is the result of some mass cmpaign of China-bashing on the part of Hollyweird . It can at least be argued to have come from an at least half-arsed assessment of the situation under the precepts of Buddhism. You may also remember sweethearts like Jerry Falwell saying that 9/11 and hurricane Katrina were the will of god – this wasn’t the result of anything but religious nut-case-ism, no racism required.

  2. I think that if one were able to undertake open, unrestricted social research in China that you’d be surprised how many people (particularly in the Chinese leadership) believe in the notion that the earthquake is the Judgment of Heaven, and that the earthquake may be the harbinger of some kind of dynastic change. The problem is that they can’t openly talk about it as they’ll be criticized as being un-Marxist.
    According to research by Adorno into the Authoritian personality, authoritarians have a strong propensity to believe in the supernatural, the occult. Remember Hitler and his Thule Society?
    Authoritarians tend to be extremely superstitious. (Remember how Nancy Reagan would advise Ronald Reagan after consulting with her California astrologer?) Authoritarians also tend to be rather nationalistic, hierarchical, dogmatic, power-fixated and fond of war. General Patton would be an example of an Authoritarian personality. Remember his fantasies about being a reincarnated general?
    According to Adorno, if one presents an Authoritarian with a superstitious scenario, they’re very likely to believe it no matter how fantastic it is. In fact, research shows that Authoritarians have a strong tendency to rearrange their mental associations to accomodate the new superstitious belief.
    This probably explains why so many leaders throughout history (including Mao, and, perhaps even Bush, Jr.) have believed that they’re gods, or, in Bush’s case, a prophecy from the Book of Revelation.
    I know that it sounds fantastic, but it’s very likely true. What’s even more fantastic is that people follow such people. The authoritarians tend to become “the leaders”.

  3. Brainless Sharon Stone, a fake Buddhist. No wonder she is befriended by Dalai Lama. If her logic is consistent, what would she say about 9/11 and Katrina?
    As a Chinese, I would not even bother to demand an apology from her. She’s nothing. However, I do feel dubious that Stone’s views on this are in the extreme minority in Hollywood.

  4. Even if Sharon Stone were my client, I would still ring her up to tell her she was seriously off-kilter. When comments like hers are made, are they valuable for debating? When Hitler claimed that Jews were responsible for Germany’s woes, hence extermination was the solution, would that have been a topic for debate? Get a grip and call it as it is.

  5. Even if Sharon Stone were my client, I would still ring her up to tell her she was seriously off-kilter. When comments like hers are made, are they valuable for debating? When Hitler claimed that Jews were responsible for Germany’s woes, hence extermination was the solution, would that have been a topic for debate? Get a grip and call it as it is.

  6. The psychology of Sharon Stone comments are worthwhile examining. Makes you wonder when she and the D*lai L*ma speak in private, what is their tone towards the Chinese. If they are good friends, shouldn’t the D*lai L*ma come out and disassociate himself from such comments – like Obama is doing so with Wright?
    Sharon Stone doesn’t carry much sway at all. The outburt of feelings with the Chinese has more to do with their thinking about the hyprocrisy than anything else. Namely, there are so called “human rights” activists who seem to care a great deal about Tib*tans or whomever, but in this case she clearly doesn’t care about the various Chinese minorities in Sichuan, including the Tib*tans.
    In the bigger picture, its not the Chinese feeling this way – the developing world also. For example, China wins 82% of the time in General Assembly when it comes to votes related to human rights, whereas the U.S. manages only 22%.

  7. Chinese authorities blamed democracy for the widespread violence in Kenya a few months ago. They never apologized. By that same standard its hard to throw a rock at Sharon Stone.

  8. Sharon Stone is today reported as apologizing for her inappropriate words and acts, and volunteering to relieve the misery of the earthquake victims.
    Isn’t damage control a beautiful thing?
    Maybe we should just chalk it up to her bad karma.

  9. I assure you that when there was an massive earthquake in Japan or a terrorist attack in the US, there were no shortage of Chinese people attributing such catastrophies to bad karma. Karmic attribution is not the same as wishing that the bad thing to happen, it’s not even schadenfraude…it’s just a way to attribute misfortune, ex post facto, to some past misdeed. Maybe that’s superstition or maybe it’s a way to get other people to behave better in hopes of avoiding said misfortune. It would be wrong for a national government to say this, but the fact that the Chinese are making a big deal out of this fairly benign comment by a has-been B-list actress just makes them look thin-skinned and vindictive.

  10. After the Sichuan earthquake incidence, I was worried that some senseless individuals might deploy the word “karma” to hit at China over the T1betan issue. Unfortunately my worry came through; maybe by evil’s will, Sharon Stone was the chosen one to spell out such disastrous word.
    I don’t have better words except “stupid” and “brainless” to relate her to this incidence. As a celebrity, Sharon Stone and others like Harrison Ford, Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, Adam Yauch and Alanis Morissette (please go to, you would witness how this bunch of actor/actress have foolishly involved themselves in anti-China campaign over T1betan issue without actually knowing the true history of T1bet or perhaps they are just another good friends of D*lai L*ma) should not associate themselves with any political/racial issues which might potentially hurt the feelings of their supporters.
    Sharon Stone have just forgone estimated USD 60 millions by using the word “karma” against the Sichuan’s victims; this figure of course does not include her revenue generated from the Chinese communities all over the world in future.
    Personally I wish to truthfully reveal that I love to watch “Indiana Jones” series ever since my childhood. Unfortunately due to silly anti-China exposure on the part of Harrison Ford, I have to painfully restrain myself from watching “The Legend of the Crystal Skull” which is currently on show in my country. I definitely would not watch anymore “Indiana Jones” series from now onwards. I don’t know much about Adam Yauch and Alanis Morissette, but I would definitely apply the same principle on Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. I have lost counts of times watching “Pretty Woman” in my lifetime, this show how much I am in fond of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts but this will be history and would never exist again.
    Piece of advice to all Hollywood stars; please don’t be foolishly misled by others especially on issue which you are totally ignorant of. If you try to bombard China, you are going against 1.4 billions individuals worldwide. If you can earn USD 1/- from each and every Chinese individual, you would be billionaire overnight and you might be producer of your own kind in Hollywood instead of being an actor/actress.

  11. Well, true, human knowledge doesn’t extend far enough to confirm the people who suffered from the earthquake didn’t do something in their past lives to deserve it. But it’s hardly as though the earthquake victims could have harmed the T1betans.
    If we’re just taking China as an entity, how can we know T1bet was the cause and not any other breach of Western moral ideals?

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