Investment in China and Hong Kong’s Legal Role: A Hong Kong Lawyer Seminar on November 15

This coming Friday, November 15, our law firm will be hosting a CLE seminar in Seattle, titled Investment in China and Hong Kong’s Legal Role. The seminar will be sponsored by the International Practice Section of the Washington State Bar Association.

The seminar will be led by Claudio de Bedin, founder of de Bedin & Lee, a law firm with offices in Hong Kong, Chongqing and Milan. Mr. de Bedin has extensive experience in commercial and corporate law in both Hong Kong and Mainland China, with a focus on the representation of Italian companies, allowing him to bring a unique perspective to us here in Seattle. Though a number of our lawyers have worked with Mr. de Bedin and know him well (this is especially true of Fred Rocafort of our firm who spent many years practicing law in Hong Kong). I don’t believe any of us know what position Mr. de Bedin will take regarding Hong Kong’s future or its future role vis à vis Mainland China

With all that transpired just this past weekend in Hong Kong (see below for just a portion of it), Mr. de Bedin’s talk could not be more timely or important.

For a taste of what to expect, check out this video by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council featuring Mr. de Bedin.

Please join us at the seminar. The official WSBA announcement can be found here.

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