How To Stay Ahead Of China Counterfeiters

Interesting post on IP Dragon, entitled What Global Players Could Learn From Wii versus Vii.

It is on how Nintendo is beating back a (legal/illegal?) Chinese rival making a game called Vii that mimics and even seeks to improve upon the Wii.

IP Dragon puts forth the following fine tips on staying ahead of counterfeiters:

• Launch your product in every country on the same date.
• If you build up a hype you have to be able to supply demand afterwards, to suck out the air for counterfeiters.
• Listen to the market needs and keep improving and differentiating your product all the time.
• Register trademarks, design rights and patents in countries where you can expect infringements (including China) and enforce infringements fiercely (including China).

An excellent China lawyer with whom we frequently work is of the view that the most effective protection against counterfeiters is to trademark your brand and then constantly update it. He believes doing this will usually (but, of course, not always) preclude the need for a patent.