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How to Fail in China Business.

Doing business in China

I like this list from the hitherto unknown (to me anyway) Lessons from the Road blog. The post is entitled, The top 10 ways to keep from selling in China (or anywhere else [link no longer exists] and it is rife with common sense that applies to doing any sort of business internationally.

My favorites:

  • “Don’t spend any money. Use a “straight commission, no cure
    no pay” business model. After all, no one else is interested in the
    Chinese market, so remember that people are actually waiting around
    for your product.”
  • “Don’t bother with costly translations and interpreters. If
    these people don’t speak, read and write English, then it is your
    duty to modernize them.”
  • “Ignore local laws. Law is law, but business is business.
    Nothing hinders a deal more than difficult, ancient laws. To
    overcome Chinese resistance, force your laws down their throats.”
  • “Critique that government. Everyone admires the American
    sense of free speech. If you disagree with government policies or
    officials, don’t’ be shy about broadcasting your opinions.”
  • “Change that culture. If you are unhappy with “the Chinese way
    of doing business” then do things your way. Live by the motto:
    ‘It’s my way or the highway.’”

Anything more?

11 responses to “How to Fail in China Business.”

  1. I find it always helps to have a long discussion about IP theft, corruption, and how everything costs more for foreigners.
    If you can add a few “Chinese just want to bleed Americans dry” to the conversation things really warm up.
    Dear God I wish those weren’t true stories….

  2. Looks to be written by a China newbie trying to be clever and tongue-in-cheek about tired, old, obvious cliches in addition to shilling for their own three card monty business.
    Why even place it here on this more intellectual and thought provoking site?
    Anyway, it’s your dime.

  3. This reminds me of one of my previous bosses in the mid ’90’s who had a unique pro-active “screw-you” approach!
    Because I know you’re eventually screw me so why wait around – I’ll screw you first !
    And the not-so-strange thing was that it worked (then); not sure about nowadays!

  4. I have to say, I know some pretty successful people who pretty much do all of these things. The may not be guaranteed ways to fail, but they sure are a quick way of losing friends and alienating people.

  5. @ Hunxue’er and Dan,
    So what happened to “1 billion customers”? Has the number been lowered to factor in inflation in China?

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