Global Law and Business Podcast – Jerry Chidester (Plastic Surgery)

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At Harris Bricken, we keep close tabs on what is happening around the world, and we know that our friends and clients do, as well. We are happy to provide this podcast series: Global Law and Business, hosted by international attorneys Fred Rocafort and Jonathan Bench, where we look at the world by talking with business leaders, innovators, service providers, manufacturers, and government leaders around the globe.

In Episode #98, we are joined by Dr. Jerry Chidester, board-certified plastic surgeon. We discuss:

  • Jerry’s formative years growing up in Saudi Arabia on a hospital compound during the Persian Gulf War.
  • Reasons people come to him as a physician and surgeon.
  • Medical necessity vs. beauty standards.
  • Contemporary visions of beauty becoming a multicultural and multiracial blend.
  • Trends in the plastic surgery world, including non-invasive or minimally-invasive procedures, rapid recovery, and substitutions for traditional surgeries.
  • Building his medical practice with social media and becoming a thought leader and influencer within the plastic/cosmetic surgeon community.
  • How social media influencers have impacted the plastic surgery industry, including providing additional educational opportunities for potential patients.
  • International rhinoplasty experts in Colombia, Turkey, Italy, Australia, and Asia.
  • Changing cultural acceptance standards in conservative countries like Saudi Arabia.
  • Recommendations from:

We’ll see you next time for another exciting and informative episode when we sit down with Jack Hedge, the Executive Director of Utah Inland Port Authority.

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