Global Law and Business Podcast – David Knapp (Technology in Agriculture)

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The large-scale shift to telework brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic is prompting businesses around the world to explore new avenues to engage with clients and friends. Harris Bricken is no exception, and we are happy to provide this podcast series: Global Law and Business, hosted by international attorneys Fred Rocafort and Jonathan Bench.

In Episode #42, we are joined by David Knapp, co-founder of Ornavera and Director at Togram. We discuss:

  • David’s move from Wausau, Wisconsin to Asia, where he has lived and worked for over three decades, starting in computer programming, then on to sales and executive positions.
  • David’s experience as the president of Motorola Vietnam at the onset of the cellular phone era.
  • Embedded software’s role in agricultural technology.
  • Significant agricultural development and specific goals in Asian countries, including Singapore’s goal to have 20% of its vegetables grown in homes by 2030.
  • Ornavera’s technology’s role in helping farmers better understand the soil temperature, electroconductivity, moisture, and mineral content.
  • The future outlook for agricultural security and productivity in Asia and globally.
  • Reading, listening, and watching recommendations from:

We’ll see you next week when we sit down with Nadja Vietz from Monereo Meyer Abogados to discuss recent developments in foreign direct investment (FDI) in Spain.

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