Global IP Strategic Planning, IP Monetization & Trade: September 30, 2019 in Houston

Our lead international trade attorney, Bill Perry, will be speaking on China trade in Houston, Texas, on September 30 at a Techonomics Symposium. Bill’s topic will be: Current Topics Regarding Trump/China: Trade War, Fact & Fiction. Don’t miss it.

I recommend you not miss it because Bill is one of the leading authorities on international trade (and an amazing photographer), particularly US-China trade. Bill has international trade connections that have made him invaluable to my law firm’s China team in terms of predicting which way the US-China trade dispute is going to go. And when I say connections, I mean he worked with some of the key people negotiating with China right now.

Bill’s insight into the US-China trade war helped us early on proclaim that the trade war was about more than just trade; it was also about intellectual property and China refusing to open its markets widely enough for forieign competition. This in turn led us to believe the quick resolution most were predicting simply would not happen. Bill was influential in our calling the US-China trade war “The New Normal” about a year ago! I can assure you that Bill’s talk will be informative and practical and, above all else, helpful to your business. Bill’s bio on the site nicely sums up his high level international trade law experience:

William Perry has been helping clients with international trade issues for over 30 years, starting as an attorney in the Office of General Counsel, US International Trade Commission, and Office of Chief Counsel and Office of Antidumping Investigations, US Commerce Department.  He has extensive experience representing US and foreign companies in antidumping and countervailing duty cases, having won more than 50 trade cases in private practice. Bill is an international trade lawyer focusing on the area of trade policy. He assists companies with a range of matters associated with importing products into the US. Bill represents US importers and foreign exporters and producers in various international trade cases, including antidumping and countervailing duty cases, Section 337 intellectual property cases and various Customs issues related to international trade cases.

Bill will be speaking as part of a broader event with the following as its focus:

This symposium is dedicated to advanced topics in intellectual property, IP strategy, IP monetization and IPR trade issues with a global perspective. The intended audience is corporate leadership and in-house counsel responsible for developing, using and managing IP assets on a worldwide basis. It will be a day of high-level IP strategy for maximizing intangible asset performance and focusing on real-world issues. The symposium will emphasize the development and use of IP portfolios for ROI and monetization through global trade and commerce, for those truly accountable for results.

If you wish to attend, please write us at [email protected] and we will seek to arrange it. You really ought to go!

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