GGI World Conference – Dealing with China: What to Expect in the Next Five Years

Next month, Harris Bricken attorney Jonathan Bench will host a workshop during GGI’s 25th-anniversary conference in Montréal, Canada. He will share his legal expertise in the latest developments surrounding doing business in and with China for the next five years as the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party is convened. This is a follow-up to his GGI presentation in Washington, D.C. earlier this year on legal best practices for dealing with China’s decoupling from the West.

This world conference is only available to GGI members and prospective members. GGI (Geneva Group International) unites international and independent audit, accounting, law, and consulting firms with the joint potential to find the right solution for any specific problem and to resolve any financial, legal, and tax issues that may arise. GGI’s broad international coverage provides clients with access to high-quality firms in many countries worldwide. This conference will also be attended by GGI’s affiliate group, GCG (Geneva Capital Group), comprised of M&A advisory groups, investment banking firms, venture capital groups, and private equity firms. If you are interested in attending in Montréal October 19-23, please email marketing [at] harrisbricken [dot] com.

Or if you — like us — are a member of GGI, we hope to see you there for this.