FREE WEBINAR on March 21: Conflict, Collaboration, and Competition in US-China Relations

Join Harris Bricken attorney Jonathan Bench and Darkhorse Global Founder John Lash, on Tuesday March 21 @ 1130am PST / 230pm EST for a conversation on globalization: a new national security challenge, where we’ll discuss the future of conflict, collaboration, and competition in US-China relations. REGISTER HERE

Globalization: A New National Security Challenge

Globalization in the 21st century is represented by strengthening economically and technologically driven links that develop an interconnectedness between nations around the world. These new connections create a complex network impacting security, economics, and geopolitics. This interconnectedness has also codified economic security as national security, creating a policymaking environment where trade policy issues may be treated as national security issues.

The connection between economics and national security is rooted in the fundamental principle of competition, which creates resilience, security, and innovation across global markets. These global relationships have created dependencies between nations for research and development, along critical supply chains, and in mutually beneficial trading arrangements.

The consequence of this interdependence is that certain countries, including the US and China, have moved toward the fourth industrial revolution – into a technology and knowledge economy. This future is characterized by a digitalization that has created a global economy where traditional boundaries and international order have evolved to an interdependent international system.

This session will focus on the practical aspects of evolving US-China relations, the impact of national security investment reviews and related regulatory environments, and the evolution of national security as it relates to industrial policy and technological innovation. We will also discuss where and how certain key nations are grappling with this increasingly polarized global environment.

Key Webinar Talking Points

  • The evolution of US-China relations
  • The impact of national security investment reviews, particularly inbound and the new looming outbound US investments scrutinized by CFIUS
  • The evolving concept of national security and the impact on economics and technology
  • The realignment of the world order around the US and China and the impact on economic relationships

Please submit your questions in advance, though questions will also be taken throughout the presentation!