Video Replay of China Cybersecurity Law Webinar

Watch the webinar HERE!

During the last decade, the Chinese government has rolled out an extensive cybersecurity system. This new system is not what a foreign investor would expect. This new system is cybersecurity with Chinese characteristics. The system is not intended to protect businesses and individuals. Its goal is the opposite; it is intended to protect the CCP and to ensure its hold on power.

The goal of the Chinese cybersecurity regime is to create a system where all network data and communications are completely transparent to the state. Every networked communication in China is open to inspection and retrieval by the Chinese government. From the standpoint of foreign companies operating in China, this means there is no place to hide. If company information crosses the Chinese border, that information is open to the Chinese government. To be more accurate, we can call the Chinese system a “cyber-insecurity” regime.

In a world where the Chinese government has become the primary hacker this is a critical issue. Moreover, Chinese government hacking has moved beyond traditional espionage to organized theft of technology and trade secrets. Any foreign entity operating in China or providing information to China is subject to this hacking program. Since this hacking program is organized and implemented by the Chinese government itself, there is no legal protection against hacking by the Chinese government.

Please sign up today to join Steve Dickinson on Thursday, September 24th from 12pm- 1:15pm PDT  as he helps you better understand China’s cybersecurity law landscape. The webinar itself will be approximately 45 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of questions. Among other things, Steve’s talk will answer the following:

  • How does cybersecurity fit into Chairman Xi’s concept of Comprehensive National Security: digital authoritarianism, iDictatorship, and the social credit system?
  • Why is this a business issue and not a traditional national security issue?
  • What is the statutory and regulatory basis for the cybersecurity regime?
  • What are the key statutes and regulations?
  • What techniques does the Chinese government use to gain access to all networked communications and data?
  • What are the international implications of China’s cybersecurity regime?
  • How is China extending its cybersecurity via its Digital Silk Road Initiative?
  • What can your company do against this?

Watch the webinar HERE!

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