Free Webinar! November 19th – Investing and Doing Business in Spain: A Legal Perspective

Looking to invest in Spain? Come listen to our legal experts discuss Spain’s business landscape!

Watch the webinar HERE!

Join Harris Bricken, in partnership with our affiliated Spain law firm, Monereo Meyer Abogados and The International Trade Association of Greater Chicago, for a FREE webinar on Thursday, November 19th.

We will discuss what it takes to do business in Spain from a practical perspective. Three of our Spain-based attorneys, Andrés MonereoNadja Vietz, and Consuelo Álvarez, will give a Spain business and law overview for companies doing business in Spain or considering doing so.

Register today to learn about the legal issues U.S. companies commonly face when doing business in or with Spain, how to better manage your Spain distribution channels post COVID-19, and new restrictions on FDI in Spain.

We will discuss intellectual property protection, labor compliance, and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will also explore changes due to COVID-19 and how to best address them.

This FREE hour-long webinar will take place on Thursday, November 19th, at 10am PT/ 12pm CT/ 7pm CET.

Watch the webinar HERE!


See the agenda below:

10:00 am PT  —   Welcome and Introduction

Richard Paullin –  Executive Director, International Trade Association of Greater Chicago
Dan Harris – Partner, Harris Bricken

10:05 am PT  —  New and old legal issues U.S. companies face when doing business in Spain

Nadja Vietz – Partner, Monereo Meyer Abogados

10:20 am PT  —  Managing Distribution Channels

  • Commercial Agents under Spanish law; Differences from the US system. Preventing Remuneration Claims
  • Covid Clauses and risks of classification as a labor agreement

Andrés Monereo – Partner, Monereo Meyer Abogados

10:35 am PT  —  Foreign Direct Investment in Spain

  • New FDI Restrictions
  • Protecting your IP
  • GDPR: How to Avoid Data Breach Notifications and Penalties

Nadja Vietz – Partner, Monereo Meyer Abogados
Consuelo Álvarez – Attorney, Monereo Meyer Abogados

10:50 am PT  —  Q&A Session
11:00 am PT  —  Closing