Free China Employment Law Webinar on Tuesday: What Your Company Needs to Know

China Employment Webinar
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China’s employment laws have always been complicated and highly local. But with the coronavirus, they have become even more local and even more complicated.

Foreign companies with employees in China face China employment issues and questions every day – often without even realizing it. What works or does not work in the United States, Canada, Europe or Australia often has little to nothing in common with what works or does not work in China.

China Employment compliance has become one of the most important issues for foreign companies in China and few foreign companies get it right. China employee disputes are common and Chinese government enforcement just keeps getting more stringent. The time, hassle and costs for foreign companies just keeps rising. Foreign companies need to know the employment laws relevant to their location and their industry, especially during the pandemic.

Please join Grace Yang on Tuesday, June 23rd from 12pm- 1:30pm PDT  as she helps you better understand China’s employment law landscape. The webinar itself will be approximately 75 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of questions. Grace will focus on helping you recognize key China employment issues and on what you can do to address real-life China employment law issues and problems. Among other things, Grace will cover the following:

  • The impact of Coronavirus
  • The basics of China’s employment law
  • How to draft an employment agreement that works for China
  • How to draft China-centric employer rules and regulations (aka employee handbooks)
  • The other “must-have” employment agreements
  • Frequently contested issues, such as working hours, overtime, vacation days and special leaves
  • Employee renewals, resignations, and terminations
  • Employer HR audits