Five Keys to Getting Good Products from Your Overseas Manufacturer

Our international manufacturing lawyers have assisted hundreds of Western companies with the legal side of having product manufactured in foreign countries — so far we have drafted such manufacturing agreements for more than 50 countries. That experience has enabled us to see what works and what doesn’t international manufacturing. If you want to greatly increase your odds of getting good quality manufactured product from your foreign manufacturer, you should do the following five things.

he basics for getting good quality from China.
The basics for getting good quality from China.

  • Use a Good Company.  Sounds rather basic, but we constantly see this rule violated. If you do nothing else that we suggest in this post, do this one thing as it matters as much as all the other things put together.
  • Use a Good Manufacturing Agreement. Good contracts ensure your manufacturer knows what is required of it and what will happen if it fails to provide it.
  • Use Detailed Documents. Most factories will do exactly what you tell them to do. This means that what you tell them to do needs to be clearly conveyed and that means your instructions and specifications should be detailed and in their native language. Be specific.
  • Visit the Factory. Either your own people or a third party QC company should pay regular visits to your factory. Doing this allows you to make sure it understands what you wand and lets them know that you are serious about making sure you get it.
  • Inspect. Perform regular product inspections appropriate to the product you are having made.

Do the above and your odds of getting good product go way up. Don’t do the above and they go way down.