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Everything You Want To Know About China Wages

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Xinhua article just out on rapidly increasing salaries in China. This article, entitled, Average salary increase of urban workers rises to six-year high, contains many salary numbers and statistics, but it is so vague both with the numbers and with the writing that I cannot parse out its highlights. Yet, because I am so often asked about wages in China, I am linking to this article in the hopes others out there can figure out what it says. [link no longer exists]

My law firm’s China employment lawyers say they have noticed China employee wages do seem to be rising, especially for high level professionals.

May he or she with better numbers or real China salary analysis, throw the first comment.

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  1. Ugh, what a bad translation. That was chock full of bad collocation and clunky writing. I can almost read the Chinese behind the English, and that’s not a good thing.
    You know what would be nice?: A wage survey conducted by anyone else but the Bureau of Statistics. Since when are government agencies a good source of concise, well-articulated data in China or anywhere else? The Financial Times or The Economist should hire someone to go around and ask factory workers what they made last year and what they make this year. I’d be curious about how any actual wage increases affected inflation.

  2. Actually, there’s many independent salary surveys published every year – usually on a regional or major city scale. If you (your company) takes part in the survey then you can get the full report at a discount. If not you can still purchase it. They are priceless if you’re an SME or larger.

  3. I think the real heart of the China salary issue is that so much of an individuals income is grey. everyone I know has a “on paper” salary of at most 2-3000rmb/month…however their real income is usually around ten times that number. chinese people are nowhere near as poor as the party would like you to think.

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