Consolidating, Relocating and/or Closing Your China Operations: A May 24, 2022 Webinar

In tandem with East West Associates, we will be putting on a three-part Webinar Series in May and June on how best to manage the challenges of manufacturing in China while seeking to diversify your supply chain networks and/or manufacture in Mexico or somewhere else outside of China.

Our first webinar in this series will be:

Consolidation, Relocation & Closure of China-based Operations

 Tuesday, May 24, 2022

11:00 AM EST

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This series is intended for the following sort of companies:

  1. For companies producing in China for export:
    • A number of factors affect the China decisions of these companies, including COVID travel restrictions to and within China, increases in transportation costs, increased production costs in China, US/China tariffs, and geopolitical tensions between China and the U.S.

2. For companies producing for the domestic Chinese market:

  • A number of factors affect the China decisions of these companies, including COVID travel restrictions, geopolitical tensions and diminishing commercial opportunities in China.

The decision to close, relocate or consolidate your China operations can impact your company’s ability to service your customers, your global growth strategies, your supplier relationships, and your brand reputation in China and around the world.

We have assembled three experienced businesspeople to discuss their real-life experiences with China plant closures, relocations and consolidations. These speakers will discuss the decisions they made with their own facilities and the results of those decisions.

After these discussions, registrants will have ample time to ask questions of these speakers:

Webinar Moderator:

  • Alex Bryant, President & Founder, East West Associates

Webinar Speakers:    

  • Gary Trzcianka, Owner of Scojet, US- based product design, international sourcing & precision machining company
  • Warren Wisnewski, former Vice President, Operations, Asian Pacific Region – Eastman Kodak Company
  • Youming Ye, former Managing Director for The Jordan China Company, a Chicago based private equity firm

Harris Bricken China and Mexico lawyers will be there to answer any legal questions that might arise.

Please join us for the first in this series by signing up here.

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