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I just learned about a Chinese Grammar Wiki from Chinese Grammar Wiki: Learning Chinese grammar just got easier, which had this to say about it:

AllSet Learning, the Shanghai-based language learning consultancy founded by long-time China blogger John Pasden, has just released what is surely a boon for mandarin learners who aspire to achieve better Chinese grammar — the Chinese Grammar Wiki.

As an on-again, off-again Chinese learner, I’m pretty excited for the resource. Few people I’ve met have spent as much time as John thinking about language learning, particularly as to how it relates to Chinese. His blog and various resources at Sinosplice have been extremely helpful over the years, and I have to imagine that with his ambition and love for the language behind the wiki, it’s sure to be fantastic.

I second that emotion.  What do you think?

UPDATE:  A reader sent me an email regarding a “wiki-ish” site he likes called Wordbuddy:

It is wiki-ish because it is a dictionary that anybody can add to (slang, etc). Other sites can do this, but this one is interesting because people can also add ‘memory tricks’ for learning words which everybody can share. For example:

书 (shū): The librarian will ‘shoot’ you if the <book> is not returned on time.

东西 (dōng xi): In old times, a “donkey” was one of a person’s most basic <things>.

讨 (tao3): The purpose of a <discussion>(讠) is to slowly inch(寸) toward an agreement.

独 (du2): A dog(犭) with flees(虫) will be shunned by humans and other dogs. He’ll become a <lonely> “dude”.

These are just off the cuff examples that users have entered. The site also integrates flashcards, radicals, translation, study lists, forums, etc, and makes a very good training tool for learning vocabulary.

Having spent part of last night helping my youngest daughter memorize Latin American capitals, I can vouch for the value of using memory tricks. Does anyone have a good way to remember the capital of Uraguay is Montevideo, the capital of Paraguay is Asuncion, and the capital of Ecuador is Quito?

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