China’s New Regulations Against Online Video. What The Heck?

China online video laws

I always try to survey the blogosphere before writing a post on anything, both for research purposes and to make sure I am not just repeating what others have already said. Rebecca McKinnon, who knows as much about China’s internet as anyone, so entirely beat me to today’s post idea, there is little point in my doing anything beyond referring you to her post and telling you that I agree with it 100%.

Her post is entitled, China’s new online video regulation: reading the tea leaves, and if you are interested in the likely impact of the new regulations limiting online video, you must read Ms. McKinnon’s article and follow her excellent links. How’s that for not repeating?

4 responses to “China’s New Regulations Against Online Video. What The Heck?”

  1. This is no doubt a dumb move. But like many others regulations(real name registration for example), this will quickly be forgotten. There is no way the government can control online video]. If the government is serious about this, they should have blocked youtube first, but they didnt.

  2. Raznok,
    Not sure I understand the question, but here goes. We are mindful of the great firewall and it took us out for a few weeks back when we were on Typepad. But, overall, no big problems so far. Knock on wood.

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