China’s Reaction to Japan’s Earthquake

Adam Minter has written an excellent piece for Foreign Policy Magazine, on China’s reaction to Japan’s horrible earthquake. The article is entitled, Schadenfreude and Sympathy in Shanghai, and it does a great job conveying the “feelings” being expressed by Chinese regarding the terrible calamity that has struck Japan.

Japan, all good people stand with you and support you as you seek to overcome this tragedy.

UPDATE: I wrote a number of my friends in Japan to make sure they were okay and to let them know that I and the United States will be there to assist. From one of my attorney friends (who shall remain nameless) I got back a response that said that “we welcome assistance of United States but not China.” Wow.  And this came without my having mentioned a word about China. Of course I knew that the animosity between China and Japan runs deep, but sometimes it takes a real life highly personalized incident to really hammer it home.

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